Sunday, April 1, 2012

Strawberry Tower

You’ll need
3 x imitation terracotta pots
potting mix
strawberry plants

Decide where you want to put your strawberry tower before you start filling the pots with potting mix - choose a sunny position.

1) Half fill the largest pot with potting mix.

2) Take the next sized pot and place it on top.
Make sure that the pot is centred and level, check the height and then top up the bigger pot with potting mix.

(Tip: don’t use real terracotta pots for your tower – they have thick sides and don’t stack as well as plastic pots.)

3) Repeat step 2 until all the pots are stacked and filled with potting mix.

Plant the strawberries. Fruiting plants to create an instant effect for television, but you could save money by using smaller plants.
(Tip: be sure to buy plants that are certified free of virus diseases.)

4) Water in the strawberries.
Keep plants well watered, particularly during dry spells.
Protect from slugs, snails and birds.
Feed occasionally with a 50:50 mixture of Seasol and Nitrosol.

When growing strawberries in a tower it is not necessary to mulch with plastic or straw, because the fruit hangs over the sides and stays clean.

Further information
Plastic imitation terracotta pots cost from $5.50 to $18 at nurseries and garden centres 150mm (6") tubs of mature strawberry plants cost $8 each 500ml Seasol costs about $10 500ml Nitrosol costs around $8

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Dollyface said...

Nice idea. I'll try this next summer!