Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It great to be alive

The most rewarding thing in life is to watch your children, raise their children.

Check out my daughters blog:
they are going to Disney world - July 19, 2008


awoman said...

MY 2008 BIRTHDAY. . . The people in the office brought me flowers, roses (pink, red, yellow & white) and snap dragons. BEAUTIFUL. They came in the office and it was 12:02 am Oklahoma time. They brought a cake. Bob had to feed me the first piece. Then Jyoti had me take a bite of her piece. I thought I was going to have to take a bite of everybody (11 employees & Bob), but I didn't. I got pictures of Bob feeding me. They are fixing lunch and I have a surprise for this evening. It is all very sweet.
Then our surprise was, Chirag picked us up and took us to a rovolving restaurant "Patang" on 12th Floor with great International & Punjabi Food, which is the tallest building in Gujirat. GREAT Vegeterian food. Service was great. Great view. We had soup, appetizers, pasta, main course of the best vegeterian food I have ever ate, breads and of course dessert. There is no alcohol alowed in the whole state of Gujirat so they serve mocktails. We stayed for the full revolution which took 90 minutes. The meal was paid for by Chirag, Jyoti and Amish. It cost 850 ruppies ($21.25 USD)
Thanks everybody for a terrific birthday

a-woman said...

Top of the world revolving restaurants that I have eaten in:
Antares Atop Reunion Tower - Dallas TX, CN Tower in Toronto CANADA, Top of the World Restaurant- Stratosphere- Las Vegas, Nikz at the Top-United Founders Tower-Oklahoma City,Patang Hotel Ahmedabad.

How many have you eaten in?

a-woman said...

Jan 29th we traveled to Baroda to see a client. We had a very successful meeting. We then went to lunch then to Barota is 1 1/2 hour trip. We had lunch and went to the King's palace. He has a museum that we got to go thru, the king and his family has traveled all over the world and has pictures and vases from everywhere. Also all the pictures from his family back to 1800's. There was a cut glass chair (yes the chair legs and arms were made of cut glass) and there was a picture (painted in 1867) behind the chair that was his great(to the 8th degree-141 years)-mother. Then there was a bed that was made out of elephant tusk. The legs were carved elephant heads. Again 141 years old. It was a good day.