Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spicy food in India

I was told why that people have been eating spicy food for centuries in India. I will let you decide if it sounds reasonable. I could see where it could be an explanation.

Most of the people in India are so poor that most of their lives they only eat maybe one meal a day. So if they eat spicy food, it makes them very thirsty and they drink a lot of water to quench their thirst and the water fills their stomachs.

Now only eating one meal a day, I can actually see that as a fact even today in India. Looks like you could drinks water without having to eat the food so spicy hot.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Suitcases packed

I got my suitcase out and put what stuff I am taking back to the USA. I was not taking anything with me. Leaving everything here, so that I don't have to check a bag at the airport. But after this morning, this is not going to happen. I could probably make it, but Bob wants me to take the 3 suits back with me.

Now I am not blaming Bob for the extra suitcase. I have 4 pair of shoes and several books I want to take back to USA.

I bought way to many shoes. I am only going to bring home 4 pair of the 10 pair I bought. I only wore 1 pair of shoes to India.
Then I bought:
1) a pair of house shoes (leaving them here)
2) Tennis shoes (leaving them here)
3) Plastic shoes for the rain (wore a blister - leaving here)
4) Plastic shoes in Goa for the rain (leaving here)
5) another pair of plastic shoes (leaving them here)
6) beige sandals (leaving them here)
none of the above cost of $10. Plastic ones were only $5.
(Probably why I got blisters)

The 4 pair I am bringing home
7) red sandals
8) black sandals
9) pink sandals
10) gold sandals
These cost between $15 and $20.

After reading about all of the shoes that I have purchased, I put up a webpage that we all should read:
Let us Complain Less and Give More

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mother's Unite!

OK, you caught me, I have been reading again. A chapter "Children, Parenting and Self Esteem" in Louis Hay's "Empowering Women":

A mother has more influence over the child than anyone else. When women get it together, we can have the kind of men we say we want--in just one generation.

I would like to see self-esteem and self-worth taught in all the elementary schools as a daily class. Empower the young children, and we'll have empowered adults.

No baby boy is born an abuser, and no baby girl is born a victim or lacking in self-worth. Abuse of others and lack of self-esteem is learned behavior. Children are taught violence and taught to accept victimhood. If we want the adults in our society to treat each other with respect, then we must raise our children to be gentle and to have self-respect. Only in this way will two sexes truly honor each other.

Parents have a tendency to repress many emotions. What we call the terrible twos really happens when children begin to mirror their parents' repressed feelings. The teenage years are an escalation of this pattern. Parents have a tendency to blame the children rather than cleaning up their own stuff. If your child is acting up, what suppressed emotional problems of yours could they be mirroring? When you have released your resentment and forgiven your issues, then you will find that your children will miraculously change for the better.

Next time you get very angry at someone, try to step back and ask yourself, "WHAT IS THE LESSON HERE?"

Our children and our friends often show us things about ourselves that we really don't want to loook at or deal with. We do love to run from our lessons.

Bob should NOT let me outside!

I have no business going outside. It usually cost Bob a lot of money. I found the most awesome new toy.

ACER ASPIRE ONE . . Ultra portable PC..

A tiny notebook that is making a big splash in the press. Feature packed and powered by the new Intel® Atom® mobile processor. Stuff HOT BUY - "The new must-have ultra-portable" 5 Star Rating CNET -

A tiny notebook that is making a big splash in the press. Feature packed and powered by the new Intel® Atom® mobile processor.

Stuff HOT BUY - "The new must-have ultra-portable" 5 Star Rating

CNET - "One of the best devices in it's category - great value for money" Rating: 8.8

PC Pro - "A great keyboard, fine screen and keen price make for a superb mini-laptop" Recommended Award

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Solo Rickshaw Ride

Now I have been in Ahmedabad India for just about a year. But could never find the nerve to go out on my own.

Well today I took my first solo rickshaw ride. Arif has been coming and getting us. So I know him and he knows where I live. So I don't have to worry about getting home. He doesn't speak alot of English, but we can communicate. My first ride was full of emotion. 1) Being so far away from home. 2) Nobody knowing exactly where I am. 3) Proud of myself for being excited and not scared to death.

I went and had a facial at Dolly's. I am going to miss her. Her fingers feel like 10 little angels. She is so gentle and you get a complete 1 hour facial for 250 rupees. Yes $6.25 USD. You just can't walk out with paying her so little.

The when I came out of Dolly's Arif was waiting on me. He took me accross the street to Sun Photo so that I could get the pictures on a CD so I can upload them and you can see my rickshaw driver.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't Play with Your Food!

Tell your kids Don't play with their food!

What someone did when they had nothing else to do.......see more

Monday 25th

Last week of August. Weather is good. Food not so much. They are putting a Kentucky Fried Chicken here on Ashram Road, but I don't think it will open before I leave. My guess is: "it will be spicy chicken".

Can't believe that time flies by so fast. 10 days and I will be home. Back in my bed and driving my truck on the right side of the street. No elephants, no monkeys, no camels. And when you call someone, they will understand what you say.

WE HAVE SUCCEEDED! On the third trip to the Prohibition office was a success! We are now the proud owners of our Temporary Liquor Permit. They run thru Jan. 2008 to Dec 2008. You get 4 units per month. Then in Jan 2009 you get 1/2 unit to hold you till you can get your new permit. Bob just realized that a few minutes ago. But you are in their world, now. We only got 1 unit this month and then 4 units in Sept. We are going to get my units next month before I go home, then Bob hopes that he can go one or two times without me and get my units.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great devotion in the August/September months.

The ceremony of worship is a very simple affair. The priests chant holy mantras and bathe the idol with Gangajal (water from the holy Ganges river), milk, ghee (clarified butter), oil, and honey pouring all these from a conch shell. Only after the ceremony is over, the devotees break their daylong fast . In Janmashtami, the devotees keep awake and sing bhajans till midnight, the moment when Krishna was born. People fast all day and eat only after the midnight birth ceremony. Often the image of the baby Krishna is placed on a swing and bathed with charanamrit (holy water). Midnight prayers are performed. The sound of hymns and religious songs extol the greatness of Krishna.

This festival occurs on the eight day (Astami) of a lunar fortnight hence the name (Krishna+astami). Krishnastami which comes sometime in August is celebrated over two days. The first day is Krishnastami or Gokulastami. The second day is called Kalastami or more popularly Janmastami.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sat 23rd August

12 day 22 hours 34 minutes and 14 seconds more without me? Doesn't seem like long does it. I AM SO READY FOR STARBUCKS and a SALAD.

This is what was in my salad yesterday at Pizza Hut. (1st they have no pepperoni) They do have lettuce there (the only place I have found in Ahmedabad), but it is all brown around the edges and wilty (really limp). Then sweet pickles, corn, little cheese balls (puffs), green peppers, little bitty cherry tomatoes (the size of a dime), pineapple (they put pineapple in everything), carrots. Then it drowned - swimming - choking in really runny sweet dressing.

There is no where you can get anything like American or Chinese food here. You have to stick to Indian. There was a group of Chinese men at Tomatoes the other night and they are putting in a Chinatown in a small town outside of Ahmedabad. It will serve liquor.

We went to eat last night with Reasa, Robert and Ben. Now remember Ben is 6. He is sitting across the table from me and being very quiet and polite. Bob and Robert was talking, so I asked Ben "How are you?" You could have blown me over with a feather. He says "Fine, THANK YOU FOR ASKING" I have NEVER had any child give me that response. I am so in love with this child. He is modeling here in Ahmedabad, he is the only Caucasian model they have. Bob and I think he should be on TV.

Today is Saturday and we are going to Tomatoes for lunch and then I think Bob is going to go and see about some titanium glasses like mine. He can't stand it. Then my sheets will be here. Have I told you the sheet story? Our bed is not the normal 3 inch mattress and we had to have special fitted sheets made to fit the 8 inch mattress that we bought. So they are making them and dellivering and putting them on the bed for us. 2 king size sets with pillow cases, then another single king size fitted sheet for 2,800 rupees. Which is $52 USD. I am going to miss the service and attention that you get here.

Our rickshaw driver now comes every morning to get our schedule if we need him. Then we have the private car we can call and be here in less than 30 minutes.

We went to the doctor yesterday and everything checked out find, he decresed one of his blood sugar pills. The doctor also said that Bob should be taking the malaria medicine. He gave him a precription. So we walked to the pharmacy and he paid $20 for a months supply. I paid for $500 for 60 pills. I still can't believe the price of drugs here. I know that the people are poor and can't afford the prices of American drugs. I also know that the insurance companies have a lot more to do with the price of drugs in America.

We went to Kaneka Lake. We walked a ways down the lake and past the water park and zoo. Bob said that they had really improved the area. There were alot of very poor people there working on the side walks along the lake. All of their children playing and running around naked. SO POOR. They hang cloth between two trees and put their babies in them (like a hammock) and they swing in there while they sleep. It's easy to move as the work progresses down the road. It's just amazing. There was one man that had just an old bathroom scale. It was one of those guys that would guess your weight. It was so funny and sad. Not taking the camera, I didn't get any pictures. I always feel funny taking their picture. It's like invasion of their privacy.
Most kids love for you to take their picture, but they HAVE to see it.

While Bob was getting his eyes checked for glasses I checked out the colored contacts. I tried on blue, saphire and tourquoise. I bought the blue ones. It has been 25 years since I had the last contacts. I always loved my green ones. For the low price of 750 rupees ($18.75 USD), I could turn them down. I may get the green ones when we pick up Bob's glasses.

We also meet Greg. He was from Philadelphia at the Chocolate Room. I had seen him at Tomatoes. I spoke to him when he came in, telling him that I had seen him at Tomatoes. Bob asked if we could join him. Greg had been in Australia for the last 6 years. He was here training only the last week. But he would be back. So we exchanged cards. He was really nice.

Snehal is coming by tonight and we are going out to dinner. SO I took a cold shower. If it is in the middle of the day and the sun is shining, the water is not quite so cold. So I am clean again until I go outside and sweat.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Recipe

I have not done alot of cooking. No kitchen, no sick, no stove, no oven. NO CRISCO. So cooking is quite a challenge. I was looking for some recipes and I found this one
Indian Kachumbar Salad, Chicken Tikka Masala and Samosa.

You have to eat a lot of cool foods. Salads, cold drinks etc. I am diffently going to try this one.

another blog that was fun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

liqour license

When we were in Mumbai we bought a electric pressure cooker. So to day I am trying it for the first time. You know I think I am going to like it. I am cooking beans. Reasa said she had Jiffy corn muffin mix, but she forgot to bring it with her this morning. I checked them before we left to go and get our liquor license again.

Have I told you that story?

We went Monday to get a year tourist liquor license. We had to fill out this application in triplicate (they don't have carbon paper or carbonless forms). get copies of proof of residence and copy of passport, visa and the date of entry in India. Then had to go to State Bank of India to pay 1050 rupees. ($26.25 USD). The bank was probably 4 blocks from Prohibition office. When we arrived at the bank it was closed, they were on strike. Back to the prohibition office, she told us to come back on Wednesday after we paid our fees at the bank and got out copies. So that is why we were going today. We have our Friday night game night and we will have no beer.

Reasa showed up this morning at 10:30 am. Reasa and I went and made the copies we needed and off we went back to Prohibition office. We went straight to the bank and paid our money and they kept 2 copies of the papers we filled out. Upon arrival at the prohibition office the lady that helped up Monday said that the state supervisor was only there on Monday's. She had us fill out this 2 page document again about where you were born, length of stay in India, etc.etc. She kept all of our paper work and told us to come back next Monday. Needless to say we were all quite disappointed. This is typical "Indian Standard Time". Don't get in a hurry to do anything around here.

We went to the "Inder Residency" Hotel and the liquor store their. We had become friends with him. While Bob was trying to get liquor, there was an old Indian man, buying whisky, that was from New York. He said we could use one of his units (which is 20 beers) from his license to buy beer until we get ours on Monday. The people is just so nice. I have meet so many really nice people.

We met Pranva's in-laws, last Sunday. They live on a whole floor of this apartment building. It was the most beautiful place I have ever, EVER been in. If it would have been anywhere else it would cost at least 5 million. They were so extremely polite. First the elevator opens up right into the entrance of their home. You take off you shoes, it is just a respect to the family. The we were taken to a formal living room that was enclosed with the beautiful glass partition. The house people brings you water. Then after about 30 minutes they brought us Indian tea (with ginger and is so very delicious) and butter sandwhiches with the crust cut off. After we talked for the longest time and enjoyed their hospitality, they showed us the rest of the bungalow. I was so very much impressed by the woodwork and floors and windows and and and and. Their parents live with them, their is 4 generations living in this house. There are no retirement centers here. Everyone lives with their families. See that is what is so amazing here. The dedication to their religion and family.

Time is really going fast. 2 weeks from tomorrow. Sunny wants to take us to this small town outside of Ahmedabad to eat this weekend. We will drive there on Saturday, eat dinner Sat night, spend the night and then return on Sunday. I want to go, but it will make the days go by so much faster. We will go, because I would like to spend a little more time with Sunny before I leave.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Visia Complexion Analysis

I did something really FUN today at Cure & Care at Himalaya (3rd floor). I had a Visia Complexion Analysis on my skin today. I stuck my face in this thing and they took pictures of my pores, sun spots, counted my wrinkles. It was so awesome. Of course they wanted to me to see the lasser doctor and treat my skin. I may go back and see what the doctor says, because my skin is diffently dry, and they said that they could get rid of my wrinkles.

Percentile scores for texture, wrinkles, spots and pores depict your ranking relative to others of the same age, gender and skin type (higher scores are better). They said that my face was 81% in spots, 54% in wrinkles, 42% texture and 70% pores.

The Visia Complexion Analysis for facial rejuvenation and skin care. It is a in-depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics.

We then went and picked up my second pair of glasses. I have gone a little overboard on glasses. But I was afraid that my first set would break and then I wouldn't have any. I took Reasa with me and made her buy some glasses too.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Have NO regrets

Live your life with NO REGRETS!

Aug 17th

We had lunch with the Westerners at Little Italy. Then we went to Pranva's inlaws and discussed business about a bungalow in BoPal. It is the best bungalow that I have seen until we went to their bungalow to talk about the one they have for rent. It was so nice.

Called Mom and Dad and they are very anxious for me to come home. I am always sad when I talk to them. They miss me so much. Dad asked mom if he could call me on my cell phone just so he could talk to me in person.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
I was reading a blog the question was:
Posted by Jnana22
My question is: HOW DO YOU DO IT? Do you quit your jobs, take leaves of absence, and what do you do about your house, your bills, your pets, etc.? I am so envious of all the people who are able to get lost in India for such long periods of time, and very curious about the logistics of actually doing it. What's your secret

The one response that had me ROFL:
Save every penny for years, don't go out, don't buy new clothes, don't take other vacations, work extra jobs, pack up all your stuff and put it in boxes in your mom's basement, quit your job, sell your car, have a garage sale of all the crap you don't need anymore, move out of your apt, terminate your phone and electrical accounts, beg money from generous relatives - in other words, trash your entire life. It's fun!

Oh, I forgot- go into debt!

Then it's even more fun to have people over here tell you how RICH you are! and why you deserve to pay more for everything!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Independence Day

The office was closed today because of Independence Day in India. We had an employee dinner. The food was great and although there was alot of conversation that I didn't understand, it was really nice. Pictures will come later.

The History of Rakhi the Indian festival of tying the knot of amity, brotherhood and long life, is a symbol of seeking divine bliss. Not for the 'self'. But for man on whose wrist the thread is tied.

Aug. 14th

This is my new friend Ben. You can check out more GREAT pictures of him and his mom traveling on their blog. We went to the roof and look at the stars and moon. We tried to find ghosts, but we didn't see any. (We let mom and dad come to.) Snehal taught Ben some tricks and Robert and Bob talked business.

This is Reasa and Michelle, a couple of really neat women that have brought their whole families to Ahmedabad India. It takes alot of courage to do that. Reasa has Ben and Michelle has 5 children Blog to see pictures of her kids(she even drives here, so has alot more guts than I do).

This is what Michelle says about her kids on her blog:
"Katherine is almost 12,and she looks like she is 16. William is much more mature. He really thinks for himself now and makes some really good mature decisions about things. Casey...well Casey is just Casey. I think she will remain mommies baby forever. She doesn't want to grow up. Austin is such a peace child. Most of the time you never know he's around. Unless, he wants something to eat, needs help with something or is having a meltdown because his brother keeps killing him on the HALO 3 XBOX 360 game. Let us not forget little Ian....Ian is NOT so little anymore. "

Reasa, Robert, Michelle, Bill, Snehal, Bob and I went to eat at BBQ Nation to night. Then Reasa, Ben, Robert Snehal came back to our bungalow and we went to the roof.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aug 13th

Rain and more Rain. It has been raining for the last two days. Non stop. I really thought before I arrived that it would have been this rainy the whole time I was here. I guess that I was just lucky, because now the monsoon's have come to stay. We haven't been out of the bungalow since we returned from Goa and Mumbai. We have been trying to catch up on all of our work and sleep.

Pranva came over this morning and we gave him our presents. I think he really liked them. 2 Hard Rock Cafe beer glasses and a shot glass, with a bottle of Goa's famous "Feni". We would have never been able to stay at the "Club Mahindra" if it wasn't for Pranva's connections. He has a membership at the club, so we got the best room and extra special treatment.

Tomorrow we will need to go to the grocery store, we have eaten everything else and we need to resupply. When you run out of Diet Coke, you got to go out in the rain.

It only rains here a couple of months out of the year. So I guess that the Indian people just get used to it. They seem to just keep on biking, walking and doing business.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rocking Chair Memories of GOA

We flew to GOA. Taking a 45 minute car ride thru some of the most beautiful tropical scenery that I have every seen, we arrived at Club Mahindra, again just right out of the magazine. RIGHT ON THE BEACH! We had drinks in the bar, walked down to the beach and picked up sea shells, walked in the water, checked out the gift shop, and then we changed our clothes and went to "Martin's Landing"restaurant Benaulim Goa located at Martin's Corner for dinner. We had Steak and Lobster and the local Fenni Drink. Snehal had told us that it is "A MAN" drink. I would have to agree. The restaurant holds regular musical evenings with local music, Reggae, pop, jazz dished out by foreign and local musicians. It is advisable to book your table if a musical evening is slated for the evening to avoid disappointment of not having a vintage point of viewing the sea waves. It was awesome.

Next morning we were up and off to the beach and then back to the swimming pool. I can't wait till I can get my pictures online. Then we headed off to North Goa. We had picked out a restaurant "Café Caravela", a café that draws its name from a Portuguese trading boat, right on the Arbian Sea. Taj Holiday Village Hotel Goa is set on the old Fort Aguada and overlooking Sinquerim Beach and the Arabian Sea. Bob had a boring sandwhich and I had Red Snapper. It was the whole fish and presented with such flare. After lunch we went to the 3 different beaches and shopped and had a drink on a beach view bar.

We went back to the Radisson White Sands Resort Goa for dinner. I had salmon wrapped in a banana leaf and some vegetables that were presented like a burrito. Bob had a boring steak, but he said it was the best steak he had eaten. When the bring your food to the table they ALWAYS ask. May I serve you? ALWAYS ASK! They always serve from the left and remove plates from the right. They are excellent and serving and making your dinner seem extra ordinary.

Next day we went to South Goa. Goa is Portuguese owned and mostly catholic. We visited some churches, temples, old portuguese plantation.

Basilica of Bom Jesus: Built in 16th century is the most popular and famous of all churches in Goa. The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, kept in a silver casket, are enshrined here. This church dedicated to Infant Jesus is now a world Heritage Monument.

Shri Brahma Temple: 7 kms. from Valpoi, in the village of Brahma Carambolim. This shrine belongs to the 5th century A.D. It is one of the few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma found in India.

Built in 1664. this 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom, old Portuguese house, is one of the oldest houses in Goa and has been renovated to a Grade A standard by UK

Big Foot Museum ANCESTRAL GOA, a miniature village depicting traditional goan lifestyle and heritage and preserving ... Ancestral Goa at Big Foot. Loutolim, Goa, India.


On our final night in GOA, we went to "Fisherman's Wharf" on the bank of RIVER SAL for dinner. We were a little worried when the driver wouldn't wait for us. They always wait. We were seated by the river with lots of boats and you could fish for your own dinner. But it was late and dark, so we asked what the catch of the day was. The waiter said: "Not today!". "Last week sometime". "It's frozen!". So we stayed away from the fresh catch of the day. I had king fish that was just awesome and Bob had shrimp. It was a very good meal, and I would recommend it. The waiter called us a driver and we were back to the Club Mahindra for after dinner drinks.

The last morning we went back to the beach and walked along the beautiful beaches for the last time. This is #1 on my list of favorite holidays that I have had. It was top notch and very relaxing. We didn't even know that it was monsoon season. Yes it did rain, but nothing that stopped us from having a great time.

Last Train Ride during Monsoon

We had a great holiday, till we got on the train to come home. There was flooding in Mumbia so the trained was delayed 1.5 hours getting into the terminal, so that started us off on the "wrong track". We were supposed to leave at 1:40 but then we finally left at 3:00. Then when we got a Mumbia suburb we had to wait in a train terminal for another 2 hours, then we just very slowly crept along the track. We didn't arrive in Ahmedabad till 4:00 am. We were so tired. We were supposed to be home at 8:00 pm. 8 hours after we were supposed to arrive. IT WAS A LONG RIDE! There was plenty of food and drink. We had an air conditioned train car and the view of the flooding was really amazing, then it got dark and all you could see was DARK.

VERY nice people on the train. One couple that had been in LA for the last 10 years, they had come back to see their son. A couple that has kids in NJ. Everybody except us, just acted like it something that you just deal with, in fact we learned that there was nothing that you could do. You can't get off the train at the next town and catch a cab, another train, bus or any other form of transportation, it was flooding everywhere. Life is an adventure and we are trying to experience them all, but I personally can say that I would not like to take another train thru India when it is monsoon season.

Chirag was there at the train station to pick us up. I was so glad to see him. We went right to bed and plan on taking a couple of naps today, but it will be tomorrow when it will catch up with me. I was never scared, just tried to not stress out and kept praying that we would get thru this. AND WE DID, and we now have another story for our "Rocking Chair Memories".


In the Ahmedabad Mirror 13/08/08, there was an article about the flooding in Mumbai.

More than 5,000 people were shifted to safer locations after incessant rains struck Surat (That is train stop on the way home). River Puma in Navsari district is flowing 0.5 feet above the danger mark of 23.5 feet. 500 families from low-lying areas near the rivers.

The rains since Monday night blocked the stretch between vadodara and Surat on Nation Highway No. 8. While thousands of vehicles were stuck in traffic for nearly eight hours at various places along the highway, several instances of vehicles turning upside down were also reported from here. A major cause of the jam were the diversions created at frequent intervals because of the ongoing road expansion project on this stretch. "We had to spend the entire Monday night in our car as a truck had overturned about 3 km off Por village - 20 km from Vadodara. We were able to move ahead only by 7:30 on Tuesday morning" said a harrowed traveller, who was headed to Surat. Truck drivers were an equally frustrated lot. Many spent the night on the road hoping that traffic would clear up anytime soon, but in vain. One of them traveling to Delhi was caught near Jhadeswar, Bharuch on his way to Vadodara and spent eight hours before he could proceed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aug 10th

We first went to a Mall and shopped more than I think we have ever shopped. We found an electric cooking unit. A electric pressure cooker. SHOES, 2 pair. Ate chicken at Nonan's. Pretty spice but really good. Shopped some more and found DIET DR. PEPPER. Better Crocker Pancake mix. Then we had to buy a suitcase to get it home.

We ate at Trishna. We had Lobster and King Prawns for supper. The 3 lbs lobster was $30. It was SOOOO good!

Back to hotel and don't know if we are going to get it all in the suitcases. We also have "Hard Rock" beer glasses and 5-Shirt. I am going to just hope for the best.

Train leaves tomorrow at 2:00 pm. We are hoping we can find another suitcase. What a great time and so many more malls here in Mumbai we need to visit.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Aug 9th

It was a great trip to Goa. We are now in Mumbai. Hotel provided us with a driver so we are off to get a hamburger at "Hard Rock Cafe" in Mumbai. Hamburgers, onion rings and Fries. We also had an appetizer that had potato skins, egg roll, chicken strips, and hot wings, we ate everything on the plate. Bob had beer and I had a dark rum and coke. Since Goa I have found that I really like Dark Rum. Sounds so tropic.

We checked eMail and Jake sent us one that you might like to look at. More OKC Building Pictures.

It seems the driver of the SUV, one Mr. David R. Ware, vice president of Libra Electric Company, was transporting his two young children to school (and cute kids they were, too, but a little shaken when I met them) when another driver pulled out in front of him causing Mr. Ware to swerve. Not really sure what happened after that, but he must have hit the gas instead of the brake. He was shaken up, too, as you can well imagine.

He is the man seen in the fourth photo removing items from the Durango. The man in the red T-shirt was introduced to me as Richard, the appraiser for Libra Electric. He was also taking photographs.

Libra had two of their crew members on-site within an hour with materials to secure the window. I neglected to get photos of the window after they were finished, but I will get some today and add them to the page.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hello everybody!
I am going to stay in GOA! This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Goa is a state. It is owned by the Porteguse. "NO cows in the streets, they are on our plates." No rickshaws, no camels, no saree's. Catholic churches everywhere. MILES of beaches. Little shops. RESTAURANTS! Mom and Dad: "It is alot like when we went to Acapulco, open hotels and restaurants with beaches that go forever." I bought a bathing suit here. It's pretty strange, it has like shorts length pant legs to it. BUT I DON"T CARE!!! Oh, it's florescent ORANGE. So you can see me in the Arabian Sea. The beaches all have a red flag, because a high tide and gestation of jelly fish. So we just walk along the edges. But the waves and sea is just breath taking.

We finally got online for an hour. Then we are off to South Goa. Yesterday it was North Goa. Wait till you see our swimming pool pictures. There is a bar in the pool. It is the largest swimming pool I have every been in. When I get back I will down load the pictures. I sure hope that you girls want to come to GOA and see me. I can't wait till it stops raining. It didn't stop us. We got a taxi for 6 hours for 1600 ruppies which is $40USD.

OK, I have to get some work done. We are eating TOOOOO much and doing alot of walking on the beach and swimming.

I am not bringing anybody, anything!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aug 6th

We are off to Goa for 3 days. I am not sure there will be internet connection. So if I don't post for a few days you will know that I am having a great time sitting on the beach and drinking wine.

Then we will be in Mumbai for 2 days. Returning to Ahmedabad on the 11th

Books I have read!

I do alot of book reading and have enjoyed 3 books while I have been here. You can check out my book list. Books I have read.

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert

My review

I was going to India and was reading everything I could to learn the cultral. I very much enjoyed the book. I learned that I can not meditate. I have been trying.

But her story was very inspiring. I want to go back to Italy. Her stories of India help me while I was there.

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Aug. 5th

I just got back from having a facial and my eyebrows threaded. It is the same as having them plucked, waxed or tweezered. Dolly does a great job. Her fingers are SO WARM. When I was done she said my face was very dry and I needed to come every 20 days to keep my face from getting so dry. So I made another appointment. It cost 275 ruppies which is $6.88 USD. I was in there for an hour.

When I came out it was raining and we had to go to pick up Bob's shirts. We went to a couple of stores to find pancake mix and we couldn't find any. We are leaving tomorrow at noon, so we thought that we would wait till we get back to go on the pancake hunt. I made the mistake of making biscuits on Sunday along with gravy. He was in 7th heaven. Now I am out of mix.

We went to Shochocolatery for lunch with Pranva yesterday and still no cheesecake. Reasa went on and on about the cheesecake. So Pranva being the manager of "Tomatoes" restaurant he called the manager of Schochocatery over to the table and Pranva asked if he they dellivered. The manager said "NO". Then Pranva said "You do Now." The manager took our address and said to call and he would deliver to us some cheesecake. So last night Bob called and ordered 2 blueberry and 2 chocolate. It was nothing like "THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY". I have eaten some cherry cream cheese pies that tastes like the blueberry cheesecake did, which was more like whipped cream. I know that Reasa has been here a long time and she has probably forgotten what real cheese cake tastes like. It was very sweat and was good, but nothing like good old "New York Style Cheese Cake"

We have been told that in Goa and Mumbai you can get American food. Steaks and an American breakfast. That really sounds pretty good. I know that you can get a glass of wine there. So for the next 6 days, maybe we can eat normally.

Our "Icy Pik" grocery store that we get all of our meat from (Pork and Chicken) has new flour tortilla's and they are really good with butter and honey. Bread here is not very soft and fresh. They don't eat eggs here, they drink milk but no eggs. We just don't understand that. So all cakes, breads and puddings are eggless. So that is why everything looks and taste funny to us.

I am also in desperate need for a SALAD! Lettuce. Isn't that funny? They use cabbage here and LOADS of dressing, swimming in dressing. Most of them are TERRIBLE. I don't think that I am losing any weight, because we get NO exercise. I miss walking on the treadmill SO SO SO MUCH! They have treadmills here. When I come back in January, I am getting me a treadmill.

Can you tell that I am ready to come home? YES, it will be a fast month, we will be in Goa and Mumbia for 6 days, so there goes a week.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Aug. 4th

Sunday was "Friendship" day. We have a friend at the liquor store. I am taking him some candy and a SearchKing ink pen. The story is that when we went the first time, he got so excited that our birthdays were the same. His and mine same day month year. Bob's and his wifes were the same year. So the next time we went in he just started calling us his "friend"! then he said "Do you know what Aug 3 is?" Bob and Reasa didn't have a clue. I spoke up and said "FRIENDS DAY" (it a national holiday). He was so excited. He is bringing me a red rose. So Bob and I thought about the candy and ink pen. I don't think that I have every walked into a store and have someone SO GLAD to see me (OK us).

The reason we have been going to the liquor store so much, is because we could only get a months permit for liquor here, which is 10 units. It is against the law for Indian to drink liquor. We acquired a month permit, you only get so many units each week. Bob is stocking up his liquor cabinet with my permit, so that when I have gone back to Oklahoma, he will have beer to entertain his American friends. He is going to apply for the year permit, but you only get 4 units a month. 1 unit consists 1 bottle of wine, 1 bottle of whiskey, or 10 bottles of beer.

Then at 7:30pm we went to dinner with Chirag, Deepa and Shlok. We went to "Rajwadu". Outside, sitting on the floor, being servered continously Gujarati food. When you arrive it is like an old village. You walk thru a winding walk then you are sit a waiting area. While you are waiting on your private table complete with tent and 2 ceiling fans. Your personal incense burning boy walking around fanning the incense, it smells so good. While you wait you watch native dancers and listen to music. You are served glasses of lemon and ginger with TONS OF SUGAR. Then you are escorted to your private table and you remove your shoes and sit cross legged. (Can you see Bob and I sitting cross legged? Now when you get thru ROFL, you can read on). You are servers all of these different vegetables. It is a vegetarian and all kinds of sauces, breads and sweats. I would love for you to go to the website, to see what you are missing.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Aug 2nd

We had a big day yesterday. Hired a driver, picked up Reasa we went and got our liquor, took Reasa home and then we went to order Nikki's transitional glasses, so I just got me another paid toooooo. They are SO awesome.

Then we went to Hymalia mall and then home. At 8pm we went to "TrysT" for dinner, but we didn't stay, it was VERY LOUD disco music, so we called Kristen and Heather to meet us at Little Italy for dinner. The 7 of us had a really good time talking about India and America. Then Reasa and Robert came back to our bungalow, put little Ben in bed. Bob & Robert drank beer and Reasa almost fell asleep, I was pretty interested in what Robert was saying because it effects our business. He has gotten us in touch with Bhavin. We asked how old he was, he said 39, then he had the funniest look on his face when I told him that he was the same age as my oldest daughter. It was so great! I guess they can't tell American age.

So we slept in this morning. Have a meeting the Bhavin at 2 and then Chirag and Amish at 4. We are then going to "ICY PICK" for American food. They get a shipment every week. Always something new. We found "HORMEL BEEF TAMALES" last week.

It has been a little better this week. I fill my weekly pill container up and the days just keep disappearing and I have to fill it up again and that only means that I am getting that closer to coming home.