Saturday, May 30, 2009


We have been very busy. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, HollyWood, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Muscle Beach (Venice Beach), 2 1/2 pound lobster dinner on the Santa Monica Beach, Huntington Beach and California Pizza in Irvine (one of the largest mall's I have ever seen).

The only down part of the whole trip is there hasn't been much sun. No swimming in the Pacific. We waded in the water, but that was just about all I could stand. Water wasn't that cold, but with NO sun and cold wind coming off the water, it was not worth it.

We will be starting home today. We will drive straight thru.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day One in California

I got up and got Bob off to his meeting. I called and rented a car, Dorothy from the car rental place came to pick me up and took me to the Fairmont hotel to pick up the car. So making it back to the RV we drove down to the Balboa Beach in Orange County. I got to stick my feet in the Pacific Ocean. It was very cloudy and cold, temperature was down to about 59. We drove along the coast for a ways and then back to RV. I got online and worked for a little bit.

The swimming pool was a salt water pool. I had never been in a salt water pool. They say that it's better on your muscles, less chemical's needed and that you can keep it at a higher temperature. The HOT tub was great and I really enjoyed the pool.

We then drove down Highway 1 to Huntington Beach Surf City USA. They actually park RV's in the parking lot along the coast until May 31. It's $60 a night and you there is only water and electric. Now I am thinking sand and sun and showering. There was a dump, but you would have to unhook and go to the dump. Sounds a little inconvenient to me, but the advantages of being right on the beach of the Pacific Ocean.

We found a little Italian restaurant that had really good food. There was a couple that the man proposed to the woman. The ring looked hugh. We then drove back to the Balboa shopping area. We were going to ride the ferry over to the Balboa island, but the ferry wasn't there and we just went back to the RV.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pacific Ocean

We arrived at the RV park in California about 6pm. We cooked out and then we went to bed early.

This morning after renting a car we drove down to the ocean and I got to walk in the Pacific Ocean.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Las Vegas

I need to catch up, We got up Sunday morning at 4:00 am and looked outside and saw stars in the sky, so we headed to the Grand Canyon to watch the sun rise. It was about 35 degrees and a little windy but the color changes and shadows of the sun rising was awesome! After fixing coffee and hot tea we headed for Las Vegas.

On arrival in Las Vegas the temperature was 100 degrees just a little difference in climates as well. We first went to Walmart and got groceries that we needed for a couple of days. We arrived at 2 pm pulling into the Circus Circus KOA camp ground and sitting up and have been going since. We first went thru Circus Circus and then back to the RV. We then headed to Flamingo for dinner.

Bob and I got up this morning and headed to Bilago's for buffet breakfast. It was a holiday buffet. Prime rib, Crab legs, every fruit that you can imagine, and tons of the usual breakfast stuff. We stayed to long, we ate too much but we walked it all off the rest of the day. We went to Ventian, Ceasar Palace, Harrah's, Treasure Island, and dinner at New York New York.

We will be heading to CA tomorrow. That will be a first for me. I have always wanted to go to California. The RV park is supposed to be on the beach. I am just really excited about this part of the trip.

Camera battery needs to be charged before I can add pictures

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grand Canyon

It started off very cloudy, but we went up to the South Rim. When we arrived the clouds and fog had filled the canyon and you couldn't see anything. They have free shuttle buses so we decided to just ride one of the 4 buses. We took the Red bus up to Hermit Rest which is the West end of the Canyon. By the time that we got to the West end the sun had come out cloud and fog had lifted. So it turned out to be a great day. We got some great pictures.

We went back to the RV and then went to the IMAX to see Grand Canyon. It was a 35 minute film at the bottom of the canyon. It was very interesting.

Back to the RV we cooked super outside and then went to bed early. We are going to try and get up and see if we can catch a sunrise over the canyon. Then we will be heading to Las Vegas.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Grand Canyon

We left OKC Thursday night and made it to Amarillo, but we stayed in our first Walmart. We drove late and were going to get up early and we didn't see any need of paying for a camp site. We didn't think that we would need any hook ups.

Up at 6:30 am we started on the long day journey. It was cloudy and rained alot of the day. There was a semi-truck that crashed and burned 22 miles on the East side of Albuquerque and they were detouring the traffic, so that took an extra hour. Other than that, the traffic was not bad.

We stopped at the Walmart at Winslow AZ and then we ate some WONDERFUL mexican food at a restaurant that has been in business for 66 years. It was really good.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon at 8:30 our time, but it was 6:30 Grand Canyon time.

We got parked and took showers. We want to get up and see the sun come up over the Grand Canyon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Road Trip

Senior citizens are hitting the road to see America!

Every hour they see another 25 miles.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bird Lover....

Yeah, I'd call myself a bird lover.

Mostly chicken.

Preferably fried.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Headed to CA

We are heading to CA on Thrusday in our RV. I have never been to California and Bob has a business meeting in LA. We got a RV reservation at New Port Dunes. Movies on the Beach, Wine Tasting May 28, 2009 and beach front with swimming. I will post as we go to CA.

Lake Thunderbird

Finally got to the lake. We left Sunday afternoon and got a great campsite on Lake Thunderbird. The lake is only about 20 minutes from OKC, but this time of year it is so beautiful. We used to live in a cabin out by Lake Thunderbird, but moved into the city life, there are some things I miss, but not the long drive to town with gas prices the way they are now.

It was a little cold last night, but we built a great big camp fire, roasted hotdogs and enjoyed being outside.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life . . . .

Life is precious and an opportunity for you to make every moment count.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Life may change us, but we start and end with family.

Friday, May 15, 2009


If your friends can accurately guess your age, you need to find dumber friends.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Right Carotid Artery

My doctor successfully implanted a stent into my right carotid artery on the 12th. Things went great and doctor said it was soft and nasty, (they are the ones that can cause a stroke the fastest). I am not sure what that means, but the pictures look great now. The most painful part of the procedure is getting the IV in. It took them 6 times and 4 different nurses. Lots of bruises, but all in all I feel great. No heavy lifting for 10 days, and watch my blood pressure. Now I have to carry around with me all of these little cards that tell where my stents are.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Growing this Spring

The only thing I'm growing this spring is older and more irritable.


It's important to keep your lawn at the proper height. Two to three feet is good for hiding just about anything.

Monday, May 11, 2009


City Boy: Say, Dad, how many types of milk are there?

Father: Well, there's evaporated milk, buttermilk, malted milk, and --but why do you ask?

City Boy: Oh, I'm drawing a picture of a cow, and I want to know how many "spigots" to put on her.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I'd think about traveling overseas if I could whine fluently in other languages.


My favorite spring color is anything that'll camouflage a mustard stain.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Living with 4 kids for a week has been lots of fun. And stepping into my daughters socks and shoes, shows me a whole new side of her life. ALL in ALL things are going GREAT! The only BIG problem I have encountered with this family has been "SOCKS".

Can you imagine 4 kids, 2 feet each. Add in 2 parents and 2 more feet each. To help with the math, that is 12 FEET. Lets say each person has even 10 pair of socks that is a total of 60 pair of socks. That's 120 single socks. Put them all in a basket and try to find a pair that looks alike. IMPOSSIBLE!

My grandmotherly suggestion (GIVEN IN LOVE): Just buy 1 color, 1 style, 1 size, NO stripes, NO little hearts or flowers!

So you can just grab in the basket and get 2 socks!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Finally the sun come out! Jenni and I feed the calf this morning. Jessica's legs were dead. Jake didn't want to eat breakfast, because he had a loose tooth and he was going to wait on his mom to pull it. Then he tried to get Jenni to wiggle it. She was having nothing to do with that. Got them all off to school and headed to mom and dads. They were doing Great! I think they are really enjoying me every day. They have a soap opera they watch, then we go to lunch.

Be sure to check out the BENGI's 40 slide show. Kimi did a GREAT JOB!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Things have been going great. Got the kids up, dressed, calf and dogs feed, breakfast and out to school bus, 2 days in a row and on time. This morning at Breakfast we all texted Bengi "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". We talked to her yesterday and they are having a GREAT TIME!

ALL 4 ate my cooking and with NO complaints! Then we had Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. Jennifer had her homework done in about 15 minutes after school, then before bed we read a library book. Jake took a little longer, Jessica helped him all evening. Then I tried to help and he went back to Jessica's help. Josh didn't have any homework.

I am also enjoying spending the day with mom and dad.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Keeping my Grandkids!

You just don't know how excited I am to keep my grandkids. They are so very polite and have been keeping me laughing. I am so privileged to be able to spend this time with them. Jessica is so grown up. She has really stepped up and taking responsibility, from feeding the calf, picking up after the dogs, cleaning out their kennels to helping me with grocery shopping (not sure if everything we bought was really on the list). Jennifer gets the award for the cleanest room. Jake and Josh have been the best little gentlemen! Jake helped put clothes in the dryer this morning.

I did miss the kids practice on Sunday, I didn't get them back to Garber in time. We were just having too much fun, playing with Cade and going to eat at one of the worst Pizza restaurants in OKC. We did get alot of free stuff.

We are all hoping that Bengi and Tim are having a great time in California!

Saturday, May 2, 2009