Monday, November 29, 2010

major crop harvest!

We always just had 1 combine, 1 truck and a pickup.

Times have changed. in 50 years.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

"The single greatest thing you can do to change your life today would be to start being grateful for what you have right now. And the more grateful you are, the more you get." – Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Husband

My husband has made me laugh. Wiped my tears. Hugged me tight. Watched me succeed. Seen me fail. Cheered me on. Kept me going strong. My husband is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever. Put this as your FB status if you love your husband.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best 60th Birthday Book

When I Grow Up I Want to Be 60
by: Wendy Reid Crisp

Things to Do Now That You're 60 (Things to Do...)
by: Graeme Kent

What You Don't Know About Turning 60: A Funny Birthday Quiz
by: Phil Witte

Suddenly Sixty And Other Shocks Of Later Life
by: Judith Viorst

Sixty Things to Do When You Turn Sixty
by: Various

Now We Are Sixty
by: Christopher Matthew, David Eccles

Friday, November 12, 2010

10 party games for people over 60

1. Sag! You're It!
2. Pin the Toupee on the Bald Guy
3. 20 Questions Shouted in Your Good Ear
4. Kick the Bucket
5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the Nurse Says Bend Over
6. Doc, Doc, Goose
7. Simon Says Something Incoherent
8. Musical Recliners
9. Spin the Bottle of Mylanta
10. Hide and Go Pee!

I can’t be 60!

Q: What is the most common remark made by 60+ year olds when they enter antique stores?
A: 'Hey! I remember these!'

Q: What is the most effective form of birth control for people 60 and over?
A: Nudity.

Q: Where can men or women over the age of 60 find young, sexy members of the opposite sex who are interested in them?
A: Try a bookstore -- under fiction.

Q: As people age, do they sleep more soundly?
A: Yes, but usually only in the afternoon.

Q: Where do 60 year olds look for fashionable glasses?
A: Their foreheads.

Q: What is a 60 year old's most frequent thought when going from one room to another?
A: 'What did I come here for?'

How did this happen? I can’t be 60!

Q: Why should 60 year old people use valet parking?
A: Valets don't forget where they park your car.
Sixty is the venerable, senior generation – not the young, hip, break-the-rules crowd I grew up with. We were taught to show respect to Sixty, all the while rolling our eyes whenever one of these well-meaning, hopeless dolts demonstrated that she was clueless about the really important things in life—like good music, politics, relationships, and what to wear to a ballet.

How did I become one of THEM?

Sixty can’t name a single song on iTunes top download list. Sixty is the target audience for those pathetic TV ads for Viagra, adult diapers, and reverse mortgages. Sixty is more concerned about his own property tax rates than quality education for (other people’s) kids. Sixty can’t remember how a joke goes two minutes into the telling of it. Sixty is the loyal first wife that her graying husband leaves for the newer, shinier model. Sixty is the panicked middle manager who prays that the latest downsizing round will pass him by. Surely I can’t be 60!

OK, I exaggerate. A little. The Godzilla-sized boomer generation has redefined what it means to be 60. Indeed, our market power has allowed us to state convincingly that “sixty is the new forty.” We are healthier, more active and engaged in life than the generations preceding us. We have lots of role models who look FABULOUS and exude a vitality to match their great looks.

The Upside of Turning 60

by Diane Keaton:
Having just celebrated a "milestone birthday", here is my biggest takeaway after 60 years on the planet: There is great value in being fearless. For too much of my life, I was too afraid, too frightened by it all. That fear is one of my biggest regrets. I wish I had put myself out there a little bit more and experienced people more instead of protecting myself. I spent a lot of time protecting myself. I mean, I've met a lot of extraordinary people over the years -- and I just wish I had been able to open myself up to them more.

I remember when I was filming "Godfather III." My father was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and I flew home. He told me, "I only wish I'd done more. I wish I had worked less at something I didn't really enjoy." I've been blessed to work at something I love, but I wish his words had emboldened me more.

I've spent a lot of my life worrying -- especially when I was younger. I used to listen to Judy Garland all the time -- I love Judy Garland and her music. But I started to realize that if you keep singing like that, singing songs of being victimized by love over and over and over again, it can't help but have a profound effect on your life. At a certain point, you're programming yourself to become a victim of love. And I decided that that wasn't for me, so I forged ahead. And I feel like I've managed to avoid becoming a victim to that particular kind of love.

A sense of freedom is something that, happily, comes with age and life experience. In "The Second Sex", Simone de Beauvior says that as they approach 50, a lot of women are set free from the anxiety and the mortification and the humiliation of intimate relationships with men -- the opposite sex. For some reason, you are suddenly free from it. And thank god for that.

It's the upside of sticking around this long.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I read on facebook that Ethan is walking. That is so exciting. Can't wait till I get home to see him walking.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's not WHAT you eat, it's how MUCH you eat!

Professor Mark Haub of Kansas State University ate a sugary and fatty snack every three hours for two months and actually lost 27 pounds.

He says its calorie counting that matters the most, not the nutritional value.

He ate 1,800 calories worth of Twinkies, brownies, Doritos, candy bars and much more every day, but he doesn't recommend any one else try this diet.

The Kansas State Nutrition Professor wanted to prove to his students that weight loss is merely "calories in versus calories out." (He reduced his caloric intake while eating junk food.)

At the same time, he says he feels great, has good cholesterol, and no problems with blood pressure.

So, is it okay to give up nutrition for a time - to lose weight & get "better" health?
Are sugary foods really the problem in our society - or is it how much we eat?\\

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Man

If you have a Wonderful Man,
Who helps balance your whole world...
Who isn't perfect, but is perfect to you...
Who works (VERY) hard & would do anything for you...
Who makes you laugh & drives you crazy...
Who is your best friend...
Who you want to grow old with...&......
who you are thankful for everyday...
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