Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Great Weekend!

It just seems like the weekend flew by!

Abigail had a dance competition at Rose State College this weekend. That always brings the St. John family to Oklahoma. It's always great to watch her dance. She has grown and improved so very much. She got 1st - Gold on her duo, 2nd - Gold on her Solo. We are proud of Abigail.

Since the St. John family was in town, Kimi planned a cookout for her sisters and their families. It's not often that we can all get together just for a fun day of swimming and being together. The day was wonderful! Wish we could have taken Cade to the Night Kite flying, but Cade and I was the only one that was ready to go. After a full day of swimming, eating and in spite of the fact that is was very HOT! It was a good day!

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