Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are you following me?

There are times that I think the world is following me!

When Kimi was in hospital Camden just after he was born, she asked me to stop and get some breakfast at Panera. So Cade and I stopped. We walked in and there wasn't anybody in the store. So I walk over to where I have always ordered food and no one came to the counter. I have never been in Panera at breakfast time. I asked someone standing behind the counter if this was where I ordered food and she said "No over there". I turned around and the line was clear out the door. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?

2nd time this happened (Just recently) was after I dropped off Abigail at school. I stopped at Starbucks to get my morning coffee. When I arrived there was 1 woman waiting on her coffee at the other end of the counter. NO one else was in the store. By the time I paid I turned around the line was out the door.

3rd time the next morning at the same Starbucks. SAME thing. OK it could have been the time of day, because I always dropped Abigail off at 7:45 am, then drove to the same Starbucks.

Was it WHAT I ORDERED? NO! Just a Grande Cafe Americano! Nothing fancy, just black coffee. Was the clerk taking the money slow, not being able to find the coffee key on the register without being a "tall, white chocolate carmel mocha, with non-fat, no whip".

4th time was this morning. I had to take some blood tests for my doctor appointment, so I had to fast before they took my blood. So I was in Edmond. NOT TEXAS, NOT accross from the hospital. It was about 8:30 am. I walked in there was a couple of people sitting down at the tables drinking their coffee. I handed the lady behind the register my cup and ordered a Grande Cafe Americano. The clerk repeated it back to me. I paid her cash $5, thought at the time that it was a different price. Stood at the counter to get my coffee and she handed me my cup and said "white chocolate mocha". I said "NO". AT THIS POINT THE LINE WAS CLEAR BACK TO THE DOOR! I asked the clerk if she rang up the wrong price as well. She replies "OH you didn't want a white chocolate mocha?" So then she had to get the manager and get my change. OK I did hold up the line at that point, BUT it was already out to the door before I interrupted the line.

Is it me? I don't dig in my purse, I usually just pull a card out of my pocket. This morning it was a $5 bill. I don't talk to the clerk at the register. It has been both male and female.

I have notice this in the past, but it just seems to be getting more and more frequent.

I know what you are saying: "At least the crowd is not in front of you and you have to wait in the long line!"

Do you find things like that happening to you?

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