Friday, January 22, 2010

AHH Ahmedabad

I had some great flights. I got to upGrade flights in US. Left OKC at 6:00 am. Arrived in Minneapolis at 8:30 am it one of the best airport. Flight didn't leave there till 10:30 am. It has so many shops. First thing I did was buy coffee. Now it wasn't Starbucks and I should have none better to be unfaithful. I didn't get the lid back on the coffee, so where did it go? Down my blouse. OK GREAT shops and I need a blouse. It just was meant to be. I found the cutest black and white blouse that went great with the black blazer that I had on. But it had to have that red necklace, it just gave the outfit that extra little touch. I looked smashing!

Made it to NYC at 2:30 pm took the train from terminal 1 to terminal 8 went straight up to business class window. NO LINES. Got checked in, went thru security with no problems. I meet a couple that was going to Hyderabad, he worked for Microsoft. He had overheard my check-in. What NO suitcase? I told them about the SearchKing office and he wanted to know some more information about that. We had the same flights clear to Mumbai so I found some new friends again.

I was on board my flight to Brussels at 5:00 pm. JetAirways have these little pods.

Had a wonderful chicken dinner, watched a movie, read my magazines that Bengi had bought me for my birthday and put my seat in the reclining position and slept 6 1/2 of the 8 hour flight. Was served a continental breakfast. So it was eat sleep eat.

Brussels you have to buy Belgain Chocolate. OK, I bought some for presents and a box for Bob, ya right it's for Bob. I just had an 1 1/2 hour layover at this airport so didn't have a lot of time for shopping.

Traveling on to Mumbai with JetAirways I again had another pod. I had Sea Bass on this flight, read some more of my magazines, watched another movie and then I slept 6 hours of the 9 hour flight. Had another great lunch this time. All food was awesome but you just have to forget what time it is and eat when they give you food. There is that 11 1/2 hours that really messes you up. I left on the 20th and arrived in Ahmedabad on the 22nd. So somewhere I lost the 21st but that's OK, because I think I ate all of my meals.

We arrived in Mumbai about 11:30 pm. I had to transfer from International flights to Domestic airport. That took about 30 minutes. Since I had business class tickets, I got to go and enjoy the comfort of the lounge and have very comfortable seats and free food and drinks. There I meet a very interesting woman from NYC heading to Udaipur. I got to tell about some places to visit there. We had such a good time that the 6 hours went by so fast.

So at 5:40 am I took off for the last 1 hour trip to Ahmedabad. It was a very short trip after the last two. Got off plane, loaded up on shuttle and was out of airport and with Bob in about 10 minutes.

I took a couple of naps, the wireless guys came to get the wireless in the apartment going then we went to "the Chocolate room" for coffee, and 1 chocolate covered strawberries. You didn't think I would go to "the chocolate room" without have a little chocolate. We actually went to get some meat for this next week at "icy pik". The owner was glad to see me and welcomed me back.

I called Helga and Torfi from Iceland and we went to "Inder Residence" for a very wonderful dinner and then back to our apartment for a glass of wine. I shared my belgain chocolates with Helga and she was very impressed. We laughed and had a very good time.

I'm really glad to be back in Ahmedabad with Bob and my friends here in India. I have a Christmas present for little Praneet, I can't wait till he comes up, yes I got his mom and grandmother presents too.

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Sherry Adams said...

Am I reading correctly that today is Your Birthday? Happy Birthday hope you really enjoy it.
You know we have so many birthdays close together with the boys ----today is my new daughter-in-law's birthday. Enjoy your time in Ahmedabad with Bob!