Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Delta AirLines

I had tried to get a ticket for a month long trip. But sold me a ticket 1 week, I had to call and change the ticket. Delta charged me an additional $300 to change the mistake that Delta had made. I had said 1 month and request Aug 15th and got the ticket for July 15th. Not quite a month in my books. The customer service on your end laughed when I explained and before she told me that she would charge me the additional $300 change. I had a really hard time explaining that to my boss.

We wanted 3 tickets together. When at the airport 2 of us were going thru Detroit and 1 was going thru Minneapolis. It cost us each $50 additional to all get on the same plane.


After paying $25 a bag and $90 for being over 50 pounds, DELTA AIR LINES lost our suitcase, sent it to Terminal 2 in NYC instead of Terminal 3 where all of the other bags arrived.

The customer service was just awful at the Baggage Service Office. 2 women at the counter to help 15 people in line. We had a connecting flight at Terminal 4 to go to India and had to wait in line for 2 hours. While waiting in line I called the 1-800 number and they said that the bag was in Baggage Service Office in BIN 3 but just didn't tell me Terminal 2 instead of Terminal 3 we arrived in. It wasn't until we got our turn at the counter that she told us it was Terminal 2 instead of Terminal 3 where we were.

I am VERY positive that I will NOT choose DELTA AIR LINES AGAIN! It just seems NOBODY cared. The lady that laughed when I called about the mistake. Gary at the counter at OKC. AND diffently not the 2 women in Terminal 2 Baggage Service Office.

Passenger 1: Kathryn Chesnut
Frequent flier #6700606467
Frequent flier #03118660608

Airline Record Locator (PNR): JXT704,CHO54H

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