Monday, June 23, 2014

My Miracle

Life is strange.  I have been apart from my husband for 3 1/2 years.  He had come home from India on Wednesday while I was at my Daughters in Fort Worth TX.

 I was taking care of the grandkids while my daughter was principal at Summer School.  It was a beautiful week.    My plans was to go to church with my grandbabies and then head back home.

On Saturday there was a birthday party at 2pm for a set of twins that was my daughter's best friend children.  I told my daughter that I didn't really care about going so I was going shopping.  It was 50% off at Belk and I got some really nice clothes.  I got a text from my daughter and said that the party didn't start till 3 pm.  I said OK I'll come over.

It was kids, blow up water slide, new puppies, and lots of food and fun.  I was sitting in the shade next to my daughter, then she went to play catch with her youngest.  I noticed this man came over and started playing catch with him.  Then next thing I knew he came over to me and I introduced myself.   He was the uncle to the birthday twins.  We talked and he was a really nice man.  Ice Cream and Cake was served and we talked again, he said that they were having a party tomorrow and I was welcome to come.  I told him that I was going to church with my family and then heading back home and it was a 5 hour drive.

The next morning at church my daughter and I went in and sit in her pew that she always sits in.  I had this tap on my shoulder and it was this man from the party.  My daughter had to help between services so she left a little early, when I got up to head out he meet me and we walked out together.  Having a very nice conversation again.   He went to go get his kids.  My grandsons father came to get the boy's so I was waiting on my daughter to finish her job.  Then I saw this man again with his 2 nieces.  I walked over and told him "Happy Father's Day" He said his kids were grown, I told him that's the best kind.  So the girls wanted a drink so he left and I went back to wait on my daughter.

I looked up and and they were going out the door.  There was a look between us, my daughter looked at him and then at me.

Now this probably doesn't sound like a miracle yet.  It really doesn't have anything to do with this man. It's the feeling that he gave me, the fantasy's that I haven't had for such a long time.  I feel that God did this to show me that there was someone out there that would treat me like a woman should be treated.  Not saying I wouldn't go out with the man.  I am so glad that I had my eyes open and made me feel like I am worth something, it had been three years and why did God decide to show me this miracle at this moment?

When I got back to the city, I meet my husband at VZD's for a sandwich, I got a little hug, we ate, he talked about him and he wanted to go to a movie.  I thought OK why not it's been months, since I had been to a real theatre.  We sit thru the movie and no touching.  It was very awkward.  He had brought a suitcase of my stuff back from India, so we went to his hotel room and I went thru the stuff.  He stood at the window and told me how he hated it here.  Talked about what he could do for money.  I asked if he had seen his mother yet.  He said "Why would I see her?"  This man hadn't changed at all.  I went to leave I had been driving for 3 hours and had 1 hour to go.  He walked me outside still talking about his life, apartment he was getting.  His business, he asked if he thought we could be business partners, I hesitated and he said "I will take that as a NO".  I drove off thinking about how he had not changed.  Still so self centered.  Just one question of how I had been or at least touched me.

I made plans for Bob to come up and get some stuff that I had extra that would help him sit up his apartment.  He walked in with his arms crossed and walked around my house and said "We had a lot of nice stuff".  My neighbor from across the street walked over to see if I was moving.   I introduced her to Bob.  He said HI and headed in the house.  After she left he said "I would HATE that, neighbors in your business."  He could never live in a small town.

I showed him the taxes that we owe and then told him I would like for him to sign the divorce papers.  He got mad, but not hostile and grabbed his pen and signed the papers and got in his truck and drove off.  I'm thinking that was easy.  I went in and sit on the couch and was kind of in awe, when he pulled up out front again.  I let him in, he gave me a hug and said that he would always love me and he knew it was hard on me too.  SUCH compassion.  Then he drove off again.

BACK to my miracle.  If God wouldn't have shown me that there is people out there that cared about me,  showed me that someone can be nice and pleasant.  I wouldn't have been strong enough to handle Bob.  No signs of love, oh ya he can say he loves me, but he knows that he has no control over me.  I think he was kind of upset that I had made it on my own.  I have a home, paying my bills and just being a very strong woman.

THANK YOU GOD, for showing me the path that I need to go down.  Baby steps.  I haven't been open to a relationship of any kind and GOD showed me that I can be a human again.

THANK YOU GOD for making me strong and caring about me.

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