Sunday, March 29, 2009

Honor your feelings!

March is always a long month for me. March 20th was the birth and death of a child. It was 32 years ago, yet there is no way for such an event to leave you who you were. It's all part of my story. To all of the women whose babies have died, of course all of them wish life had unfolded differently, but none wished that they hadn't carried, loved and birthed those children.

It's hard to deal with grief. We all so want to help and there is really nothing to do. I feel that I am dealing very normally, then March comes again. I honor my child, I honor my grief and I hope that every woman that has lost a child can honor their feelings.

Please know that if any of us could absorb your pain for you, we would with an extraordinary combination of complete sympathy and complete comprehension.

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