Friday, March 6, 2009

Shoe Shopping

Mom has been wanting some new shoes. I got to Enid at 10:30 am and she had her list ready to go. I looked in the phone book for shoe stores in Enid. Not a very big town. So as we were going South to town she told me to go to Heritage Hills. When we arrived there was a darling little shoe store called "The Hutch". The sign said "Buy 1 get 2 pair FREE" Well that didn't apply to the shoes that Mom and I liked, of course, but we did manage to find a couple of pairs each, I guess I should say we narrowed our choices down to 2 pair. I am sure that I got my love of shoes from my mother.

One of Kati's teachers came into the shoe store, so I had to show her all of the pictures and tell her the good news of the 2 new little bundles of joy we are expecting in September.

Then we headed to Walmart to buy her some stuff for our trip to Albuquerque. It's going to be a road trip for just the two of us. Mom's sister has had another small stroke and we are going to Albuquerque to see her. It's an 8 hour drive and we will break it up into two days, so it wont be tiring on either of us.

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