Thursday, April 23, 2009

Headed to Las Vegas

We started to Las Vegas Wednesday morning. Made it to Yukon Starbucks. Bob forgot his hat. My Bob is not Bob without his hat. So we returned to pick up his hat.

We set the cruise control on 65 mph in the RV. Bob drove to TX and I drove thru TX while Bob slept, ate, worked on computer, checked his blood sugar, took insulin, went to the bathroom and anything else he could think of doing while traveling down the road.

We arrived in Albuquerque at about 8:30pm. We decided to eat before we went to the RV park. We parked about a block off the street where the Italian restaurant was. After a fabulous dinner we walked back to RV. Took off and went about 3 blocks and the radiator overheated. We called AAA and they are not machanic, but would tow us. We found some water and filled the radiator and made it to the RV park.

This morning we called a ford dealership here that would work on a Class C RV. So we are in the coffee shop waiting the outcome of what's wrong with the RV.

ONE funny thing happened. Bob put the gallon water jug down on the step of the door where I was sitting and then slammed the door. The water shot right up all over me. OPPS!

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