Saturday, April 25, 2009

Las Vegas

We made it to Las Vegas. Pulled into Sam's Town RV park at about 10:00 am and headed to Mandalaya Bay for Bob's meeting. I only put $45 into the slot machines, I need to learn a new game. After the meeting we went to a show "Zumanity", we had front row tickets. Luckily we were not picked to go up on stage. It's a "Cirque du Soleil". It's amazing what a young person in REALLY good shape can do with their bodies!

We sit on the strip for a long time, had ribs at Harley Davidson's BBQ rib restaurant, because it had tables outside on the strip and then headed to the RV about 2:00 am.

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Bengi said...

This stinks! I am so jealous. Try black jack. I can play for hours on $45! Update again soon! I think you need to get a good small camera to take picks when you are at places like this!z