Friday, July 31, 2009

Dad's Birthday

Spent the day at my parents home. It was my dad's 86th birthday. One good think I learned today is that he has given up driving and letting my mom drive. Mom said he would go to sleep while driving and she would have to keep waking him up. Then she told me that he would be looking around and run off the road. I do feel a little better that my mom is driving him now.

My dad likes to sit in the back seat, because if you are over 60 and in the back seat you don't have to wear your seat belt. So I asked mom today if he was going to start sitting in the back seat when she drives? She just laughed.

Tim had come by and left a card, Bengi, Jake and Jennifer came buy to see them, a neightbor brought a card to dad. I got him a new squessy pillow to work his crossword puzzles on and hold his ice cup. Mom got him 2 new pairs of shorts.

It was a great day!

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