Friday, October 30, 2009


It seems like time flies in India. I had lunch with 2 new exPat's on Tuesday. Marsha and Eva. They seem like they will become great friends. They said that they would join us at a party at our bungalow on Saturday night.

We had dinner with Reasa and Robert last night. Robert and Bob got into a heavy business conversation so Reasa and I caught a rickShaw and went to the hospital to check on Vernelle. Vernelle is in alot better condition since just Monday when I arrived. She is so funny, she had a cyst on her ovary and she named it "Terry". She should be getting out of the hospital today or tomorrow.

My favorite thing to do at home is sit on the balcony and swing. We have lots of monkeys in the yard and I love to watch them play and jump thru the trees. This is a great time of year to be here, it gets pretty warm during the day, but you don't need an air conditioner at all, just open the 2-double patio doors in the living room and the patio doors in the bedroom and let the breeze blow thru the bungalow. The nights are so cool that you need to cover up.

There are alot of new stuff since I was here 8 months ago. Ahmedabad is growing really fast. Delmonte canned food products have just arrived, that company is 50 years old and just making it to India.

We had lunch with Alex, Tupperware designer. I told him to get me the old pie carrier back, and he asked me to describe it. If it does make a come back everybody better thank me! Also, Pranav is the chef at "Tomatoes" and he has been asked to represent "Salad Master" cookware. How long has that been around? He is really excited. Pranav will get a cut in the distributor ship here in India. Go figure! What else could we bring these people to make their life easier? Not 1 baby stroller do you see in this country. HUM? Just the little umbrella strollers that fold up would be a BIG HIT!

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