Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party

We had an Expat Halloween party, we call came dressed as American's. We meet at Little Italy. We all had 4 appetizers, each person had a dinner entree and 6 dessert and the whole total for 10 people was 4,845Rupees. Which comes to $103.00USD, $10 per person. Food is so cheap here.

We all went back to our Bungalow for beer. There was Bill and Marsha from Dallas, Ron, Jim and Don from South Carolina (they are working on the LARGEST electricaly plant in the world), Dave and Eva from California (grant for herb product), Burt and Mesha from the Netherlands (OK they weren't from American, you caught me.) Burt is going to school, Reasa and her son Ben from North Carolina (her husband is programing here for a very large bank), and then US.

There was alot of great conversations, it is tough to listen to them all, but we had a really good time.

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