Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wee mouse tin house

Sweet little metal box full of... mouses! Starting from this diagram of Mmmcrafts, you will be able to build from felt and fabric this house to hosting some small rodents that your children may carry wherever they want.

Moreover, it would be a great corner to save their first loose teeth and change them to the Tooth Fairy for small treasures.
Make a tiny friend from scraps and take it with you wherever you go! This wee little mouse is designed to fit inside an empty Altoids® tin and will fit easily in your purse. Can be made for a girl or a boy, depending on the colors you choose.

Tiny corduroy or flannel mouse
Stuffed pillow
Teeny teddy bear friend for the mouse
Lots of tips and tricks for easy construction -- No need to be afraid of tiny!

NOTE: This toy design is quite small and the teddy bear in particular may present a choking hazard. This is not a toy for children under the age of three!

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