Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mon Jan 12th

We had a very relaxing Sunday. Slept in late. Then went to Hymalia mall. Ate lunch at Papa John's. They have pizza, but no pepperoni.

Went to Star Bazaar and got some fruits and vegetables. Then home to a beautiful day. we opened the balcony doors in the living room and bedroom. The breeze at 85 degrees was just absolutely WONDERFUL.

I am enjoying the girls that come and wash dishes and clean. The daughter is really precious. The first day she came and sit on my lap in the swing on the balcony. OK, she stole my heart. I showed her the pictures of my grandkids. I know that she doesn't speak English, but I think she liked looking at the kids pictures.

Reading and working on the computer is about all I did yesterday. Don't forget the naps.

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