Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ahmedabad India

This is the 3 gates of Ahmedabad Old City. You just cannot explain the city of Ahmedabad to anybody, but I am going to try in these pictures. Behind these gates is where my wonderful friend Snehal (he calls me his American Mom) lives. His mother and sister own a bangle shop. I have an endless supply of bangles. They have invited us to weddings and have had the honor of attending their father's funeral. An experience that I will treasure the rest of my life.

This is a typical side street in Ahmedabad. Cows ALWAYS have the right of way on any street in Ahmedabad. They each have their own prize set of horns and believe me they OWN this city. Most scooters have at least 3 people on them, Dad driving and child usually standing in front with wife riding side saddle. NO HELMETS!

Ahmedabad is the capital of Gujarat and also known as the “Temple city”. There are many beautiful temple's all over the city. This is Hateesingh Jain Temple built in pure white marble.

This is a herd of farm Donkey's moving thru the streets of Ahmedabad. Donkey's are used for carrying bricks and other heavy loads. They tie a rope between their front and back legs just long enough for them to walk, so that they do not run off.

Elephants actually walk pretty fast down the streets! Most of them are painted and have the right of way anywhere they go.

Camel's pulling thier carts with product are found everywhere on the street with all the traffic.

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