Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Apartment

It only took 3 trips and about 6 hours, not counting travel time, and we are moved. Gorark and Dilput did all of the work. I tried to carry some blankets and pillows to the car and they took them from me.

Bopal is a village outside of Ahmedabad. Bopal isn't that far from Ahmedabad except the traffic and roads are terrible. The bungalow is on 2 plots of land and is a really great bungalow. SearchKing is moving the office into Ahmedabad, which means Bob will have to drive from Bopal to Ahmedabad every day. This apartment will be so much closer for him.

The apartment complex is called Signature.

The apartment building has 5 floors and each floor is one tenant. The elevator opens up to a private landing.

The elevator and cleaning peoples entrance.

I finally have a kitchen. I am not sure, but I think Bob is expecting me to do more cooking. Which is OK, because I have a cleaning lady that comes and cleans up after me.


Anonymous said...

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