Saturday, December 26, 2009


The weather was supposed to get bad, so I headed to mom and dad's on Wednesday. I am so glad that I had. OKC had 14" of record breaking snow in a 24 hour period. Mom and dad didn't get that much snow 3" and it was just COLD.

We cooked way to much and ate way to much. The turkey was so much better than the turkey we had in India for Thanksgiving. Kati, Brandon and her kids came over and it was a good day.

I started home Saturday morning. Roads were fine until I got into the city. NW Expressway was 1 lane of slow traffic. An hour and a half trip turned into a 2 hour and a half trip. There was abandoned car's all the way home. Just stopped in the middle of the street, so the single lane of traffic thru the snow had to go around each abandoned car. It was a very interesting ride home

Arriving at home the parking lot was covered with drifts. I pulled in and stopped, but I decided that I needed to pull father into the lot. And there I stay. Stuck in the middle of my parking lot.

I tried to shovel the snow and see if I could get out, but I think it's going to have to thaw a little more before I can leave my parking lot. I am home and have plenty to do, so being at home a couple of days will not be a problem. I have plenty of leftovers from Christmas dinner.

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