Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Living at the Signature....

Signature apartment. We live on the 3rd floor. Each tenant has the entire floor

Apartment #3, Signature
Near Das Bangla, Bulbai,
Ahmedabad 380006 India

It is really a nice apartment. It takes me about an hour to open all the windows but when I am finished there is a breeze that goes thru that is incredible. Getting used to a new house wife is a little hard when you don't speak Gujarati, but we are understanding each other. Got my laundry done for 24 Rupees which is 52 cents USD. The house wife costs us 1500 rupees a month which is $32.60. She comes twice a day she cleans dishes, laundry, floors and dusts, then returns to do dishes again in the evening. She will cook for us if we want her to.

Bob and I went out to pick up my glasses and a few other items for the apartment and then we went to Bopal to get the rest of our possession. I sit in the garden for a while, sure will miss the garden. The office will shift this weekend.

Last night 3 year old Praneet came up to visit (he brought his parents) then they invited us down for an Indian meal. It was so good! I could be vegeterian. Not all Indian food is spicy.

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