Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leaving India

Getting ready to head back to India. Packed my bags, need to go and check again.

Pranav and Darshini with Praneet came to say good buy. Praneet wants to go to US with me. I told him that his grandmother would be really mad at me!

The electrician, Amish, delivery boy with my business cards came by. Called my mom and then Marsha called and we talked for a long time, then Bob took off on his scooter. He returned with a passion fruit cake that said "I Love You" on the top. It was so sweet. He is really going to miss me!

Even the house-wife and cleaning guy, really was questioning me going to US. They were both so cute, when I got out the suitcases. You can really get used to these people taking such good care of you. My house-wife would put my saree on, and I think that she would even dress me every day if I asked. She really wants to please. Wish I could talk to her without using sign language.

3 more hours before the driver "Gorark" comes to pick me up to take me to the airport. I travel from Ahmedabad to Doha, arriving there at 11:30 AM. Then I will have the long flight to NYC and that is the flight that I want to sleep through. I then will spend the night in NYC and fly out at 9 AM on Saturday morning.

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