Friday, April 23, 2010

Best Buy Delivery

On the 19th we went in hunt of a new TV. It was hard to find something that would be new and fun. So we decided on a TV from BEST BUY, store # 220. Anna was very helpful. She knew her products and helped us make a decision. She scheduled a delivery on Thursday 22nd, and they would call and tell us a time on Wednesday night.

Wednesday night I received the call and said that they would deliver the TV between 9 and 11, we would be their 2nd stop.

Thursday morning we waited. At 11:00 am I called.

MISTAKE 1: She didn't put me on hold when she tried to reach the delivery driver.
I heard her say, they have dropped off the TV. That our building looked commercial and they didn't think that was the right place, so they dropped it off at Cox payment center across the street.

Just a note: The number to our building in in 4 inch letters on the side of the building.

She came back on the phone and said that there had been some confusion. I asked to talk to the manager. I was a little overheated at this time. I then walked across the street to confirm that my TV was actually there. AND YES IT WAS!

The manager was trying to be nice and then I informed him that I had heard the entire conversation with the delivery driver and I knew that it had been delivered across the street. NOW if our business looked "Commercial" what does Cox payment center look like?

I told the manager I wanted the TV delivered within an hour or I would charge my credit card back.

The Best Buy delivery driver went across the street and picked up my TV and delivered it. The driver was very apologetic and admitted that he had made a mistake.

Anna from Best Buy #220 called and she said that she had heard what happened. She refunded our credit card $100. I guess that was worth something.

Very upsetting. I think that it just so sad that people just don't "think". If the address says one thing why would you even consider delivering to it another address?

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