Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Accept Yourself For Who You Are

I thought life got easier when you get old.

It is not easy to accept yourself for who you are. Every single one of us has things that we dislike about ourselves. What we need to do to survive these things is focus on the positives and laugh off the negatives

1) Find a hobby that you're good at. I try to keep busy, which was keeping me happy.

2) Accept that you like the things that you like. As long as you're happy with your choices, that's what matters.

3) Identify the features that you like about yourself. There must be at least one thing about yourself that you like. It doesn't matter if it's something silly, like a freckle, but if you like it, be proud of it!

4) Set a goal for yourself that you can achieve. Achieving goals helps us to believe in ourselves. So, start with an easy goal.

5) Indulge a bit. Accepting yourself for who you are does not mean that you can't make some fun enhancements, within reason.

6) Speak to others that have similar insecurities to your own. You can work together to get through the tough times, and be open about your feelings, because the other person will understand what you're going through.

7) Accept the fact that you can't change some things about yourself. Yes, we have control over a lot of aspects about ourselves, but there are certain things that we can't do anything about. While we can't change those things, we can accept them. Take pride in those things, or laugh about it if someone brings those things up. If you can laugh it off when these things come up, they will have less power over you.

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