Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Now we will see who WINS!

I had to go to Enid this morning to accompany my parents to their doctor appointment. When I left this morning at 6:30AM, there were lines in front of all the voting places. When I reached the church at Morgan Road and N.W. Expressway at 7:10AM the parking lot was full. Lines was across the front of the building twice. It was after 7 so I would think that there should have been some people inside the church. I was really dreading the lines. So after their doctor appointment I then took them to VOTE. There was one other person there at 10:30AM. I made my parents sit at different tables so that they wouldn't cheat. They were voters 183 and 185.

Then we went to eat lunch. I called Kimi at noon, she had to wait in line for an hour. I called Jake at 2PM, he had to wait about 10 minutes. So it was looking good for me. I drove by my voting place on the way home to get Bob and there was not very many cars. So I got my registration card and went back to vote. I walked right in, got my ballets and was out in 10 minutes and was 2198 voter. The front side wasn't really hard. But the back side. YOU HAD TO READ THEM. Then try to figure out what they said. Then I got a special PINK ballot for councilmembers.

So I feel good that I voted for my choice in the election. I want to be on the winning team. Either way it was a good race.

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