Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday 18th

Bob and I went to our oldest granddaughters basketball game last night. It was a really good game. They won by 4 points in overtime. It was a very exciting game. This morning I headed to Kimi's early, taking her White Chocolate Mocha Coffee from Starbucks (her favorite). Bengi was coming to help get Cade to day care.

I have alot to do before we head back to India in 2 weeks. We are going to mail off a couple of boxes before we go. We don't want to travel with suitcases, just 1 carry on. My laptop will fit in my purse, so all I will have is my medications for 3 months a my laptop. Travel light.

I got all the checks written for the bills for the next three months, personal and business. I have to put them in stamped, addressed envelopes, but then I will be ready to go.

Thanksgiving is next week and I am in charge of 2 cranberry salads and 3 pies. Pecan, Apple and Mincemeat. Then we will all be cooking Thursday morning. We are having a Wii tournament. They are not saying what it is, so we wont be practicing. I got to create Bob and my characters on Wii. Kimi and I laughed so hard we were both crying. Cade just looked at us like we were nuts. OK, maybe we were.

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