Monday, November 3, 2008

Waiting on Husband

Bob's last Flight From: Minneapolis/St. Paul-Int'l, MN (MSP) To: Oklahoma City, OK ( OKC )

The Flight left the gate at 9:20PM but has not taken off.

So he will be home
Scheduled: 11:29PM
Estimated: 11:29PM

I will leave for airport about 10:30PM. Refreshed the website and then it said 11:22PM. I decided I better go now. Off I went. Got to the airport and on the monitor it said: "DELAYED". I got on my iPhone and looked up the NWA flights. It then said that it was to arrive at 11:17PM. I refreshed again and it said it landed and was not a gate. The monitor said "ON TIME" I waited.

Then I saw the most handsome man coming thru the gate. He looked "MARVELOUS"! I was one happy woman!

Bob insisted on driving. He was flying down 44 and I reminded him that here in USA we DO have traffic laws. He didn't forget how to drive and he has always been a terrific driver.

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