Thursday, May 7, 2009


Living with 4 kids for a week has been lots of fun. And stepping into my daughters socks and shoes, shows me a whole new side of her life. ALL in ALL things are going GREAT! The only BIG problem I have encountered with this family has been "SOCKS".

Can you imagine 4 kids, 2 feet each. Add in 2 parents and 2 more feet each. To help with the math, that is 12 FEET. Lets say each person has even 10 pair of socks that is a total of 60 pair of socks. That's 120 single socks. Put them all in a basket and try to find a pair that looks alike. IMPOSSIBLE!

My grandmotherly suggestion (GIVEN IN LOVE): Just buy 1 color, 1 style, 1 size, NO stripes, NO little hearts or flowers!

So you can just grab in the basket and get 2 socks!

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