Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grand Canyon

It started off very cloudy, but we went up to the South Rim. When we arrived the clouds and fog had filled the canyon and you couldn't see anything. They have free shuttle buses so we decided to just ride one of the 4 buses. We took the Red bus up to Hermit Rest which is the West end of the Canyon. By the time that we got to the West end the sun had come out cloud and fog had lifted. So it turned out to be a great day. We got some great pictures.

We went back to the RV and then went to the IMAX to see Grand Canyon. It was a 35 minute film at the bottom of the canyon. It was very interesting.

Back to the RV we cooked super outside and then went to bed early. We are going to try and get up and see if we can catch a sunrise over the canyon. Then we will be heading to Las Vegas.

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