Monday, May 4, 2009

Keeping my Grandkids!

You just don't know how excited I am to keep my grandkids. They are so very polite and have been keeping me laughing. I am so privileged to be able to spend this time with them. Jessica is so grown up. She has really stepped up and taking responsibility, from feeding the calf, picking up after the dogs, cleaning out their kennels to helping me with grocery shopping (not sure if everything we bought was really on the list). Jennifer gets the award for the cleanest room. Jake and Josh have been the best little gentlemen! Jake helped put clothes in the dryer this morning.

I did miss the kids practice on Sunday, I didn't get them back to Garber in time. We were just having too much fun, playing with Cade and going to eat at one of the worst Pizza restaurants in OKC. We did get alot of free stuff.

We are all hoping that Bengi and Tim are having a great time in California!

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