Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day One in California

I got up and got Bob off to his meeting. I called and rented a car, Dorothy from the car rental place came to pick me up and took me to the Fairmont hotel to pick up the car. So making it back to the RV we drove down to the Balboa Beach in Orange County. I got to stick my feet in the Pacific Ocean. It was very cloudy and cold, temperature was down to about 59. We drove along the coast for a ways and then back to RV. I got online and worked for a little bit.

The swimming pool was a salt water pool. I had never been in a salt water pool. They say that it's better on your muscles, less chemical's needed and that you can keep it at a higher temperature. The HOT tub was great and I really enjoyed the pool.

We then drove down Highway 1 to Huntington Beach Surf City USA. They actually park RV's in the parking lot along the coast until May 31. It's $60 a night and you there is only water and electric. Now I am thinking sand and sun and showering. There was a dump, but you would have to unhook and go to the dump. Sounds a little inconvenient to me, but the advantages of being right on the beach of the Pacific Ocean.

We found a little Italian restaurant that had really good food. There was a couple that the man proposed to the woman. The ring looked hugh. We then drove back to the Balboa shopping area. We were going to ride the ferry over to the Balboa island, but the ferry wasn't there and we just went back to the RV.

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