Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The temperature is dropping. It's raining and I just want to curl up under a blanket and read a book. Maybe eat a box of Chocolates, but that's not on my menu.

I have turned on the heaters. The new smell of heaters when you first start them up, that smell is priceless. A big bowl of vegetable soup for super.

Pretty much made my girls mad about me not being here for Christmas. But I don't know why it's a shock to them. We have never been a normal family and I have never been able to have a FUN home to have a great Christmas on Christmas DAY. Once their is a divorce the family gets so split up that it's hard to make it to in-laws, out-laws and both parents house on Christmas. I was ALWAYS the one to have Christmas the week before, because "Everybody had other plans on Christmas Day" So instead of sitting around crying all day on Christmas Day, Bob and I made it a tradition to go "Somewhere" on Christmas. It was our tradition.

My girls all have wonderful families. They need to start their own traditions and stay at home with their children.

Why am I so sad? To turn back the clock and do things different? That's not possible! You have to make your life the best that you know how to make it. You will hurt some people along the way. The ones that you depend on the most will hurt you the most. You just have to be HAPPY for the time that you have with them and not be SAD when you can't be with them.

Sorry for airing my heart aches. But what's a girl to do?

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