Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lottery Winner

I got a letter today that congratulated me as a winner of "One year's worth of Powerball with Power Play and Hot Lotto with Sizzler Tickets". $416.00 value.

When I was at the fair and the Lottery was at $200 million, they gave me these two tickets that I was supposed to go online and register my tickets. So today when I went to the post office there was a letter that I had won. I just had to send them a copy of the ticket and proof of age.

I got home from the post office and faxed them the information. Now I will wait and see what I get.

This was a very excited day for me. Maybe my "Worm has Turned" and I will start winning all kinds of stuff.

Now don't start calling and asking me for loans, I am not sure what I have really won. I will keep you posted as how this works.


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