Monday, October 6, 2008

Shopping Cart

I am not sure why the people that live in the row of houses behind our business, feel like our parking lot is their BIG trash disposal. It seems that I get all kinds of surprises.

When I arrived home on Sunday, there was a WalMart shopping cart in my parking lot. I moved it out onto the street and in the next vacant lot. About 2 pm the next day, it was back in my parking lot. Also a little red car visiting my new neighbor decided that she needed to park in front of my driveway. She was in the street but blocking traffic from both directions. It just surprises me how stupid people are. They think that there is NOBODY on this earth but them. This too is a constant problem with my neighbor directly behind our business. This retired Veteran has a study stream of visitors. He drives a 50 year old motorcycle that has to roll down the hill to get it started. That is all he has to drive and has NO muffler. He is up 24 hours a day. Doesn't that sound like a very good neighbor to have. I am thinking if I am in need of some drugs, he would be the first that I would visit.

Feeling really frustrated at this point, I loaded up the WalMart shopping cart and delivered it back to the WalMart store. The manager was really glad to get the shopping cart. Nobody else wanted to take possession of the stolen cart.

I am sure that I am feeling lonely and missing my husband at this point. But it just seems like if I don't go around putting trash in my neighbors yard, why should they treat me with less respect. I am trying to be strong and be the better person, but it is getting REALLY hard.

I have this saying "He who angers you, controls you!" I firmly believe this. I am always telling my daughters. SO guess what! My daughter has been telling me that saying the last couple of days. I am trying to live by my own rule. Take a deep breath and enjoy life and don't let anything anger you. FORGIVE! Is that really in my vocabulary? The shopping cart is gone, and I just keep picking up the trash.

Will this every end? Yes, I believe that everything works out in the end. Just have faith.

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