Saturday, October 4, 2008

Everything Happens for a Reason

My doctor has requested that I lose 15 more pounds. I was going to going the YMCA to swim. He said that it would take time to get there, dress, swim, get dressed and back home. That I wouldn't follow thru and fail. He said to continue doing what I have been doing, get an eliptical machine if I could. So I decide that I wanted to get some more exercise equipment, a bike so I went to Craig's list. Found a bike for $75, went to Sears and looked they had the same bike NEW for $89. So I waited.

I am glad I did, because spending the weekend in Haltom City, TX with my daughter, we had went to their friends house Rick and Sherry. Abigail spent the night, so the next morning on the way to pick her up we saw a Garage Sale sign. I said that I need to hit a few garage sales because I was looking for an eliptical machine. Brandon asked if I was kidding. I said no, the told him my story. He said that Rick had told him the night before he had one in the attic and was going to take it to a garage sale this morning. SO when we got there we asked and I loaded it up and now I have a new eliptical machine for FREE. Although I feel like I need to do something in return. I told Rick that I would didicate the next 10 pounds lose to him.

The universe just sometimes amazes me. You ask for something and if you have patience, you will get it. Just ASK!

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