Thursday, September 18, 2008


Does absense make the heart grow fonder? YES! There is just something missing in my life. It's like being in the middle of a great big crowd and being all alone. I am missing my husband today, really really bad. Weather is beautiful and I want to be at the lake with him. I just want to see him. THEN he calls me on SKYPE. It was so good to talk to him, see him and hear his voice tell me what he did. Hear his plans for his day and what s going on new with the business.

Then when we hang up, it was so quiet and so lonely. I really don't like be 10,000 miles apart. I have so much in the USA to handle, and Bob needs to be in India. Once he hits his numbers the pressure wont be so great and we can finally enjoy some more time together.

I have been doing pretty good and time really flies. Cade makes me laugh and always wants to go with me. I will have a houseful really soon, the 2 grandkids from Texas is coming up tonight. So the weekend will be full of noise and excitement.

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