Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Week

I have been home one week. I have seen 5 of my grandkids and next weekend I will spend it with the other 2 grandkids. They say you get shorter when you get old. WELL, what really happens is that your GRANDKIDS get TALLER than you and it just seems like you have gotten shorter.

Heart doctor appointment went REALLY well. I have my well woman doctor appointment next week. I am on a very good tract to improving my health. It's a tough battle and one that you have to tackle EVERY day, all my yourself. You just have to eat less calories than you use. My doctor recommends the mediterranean diet. So you can sit around and eat nothing or get up and walk and exercise and be able to eat more. This is so different for each individual. I have read all the books and know that it is going to be dealt with everyday for the rest of my life. I love myself and care about myself enough that this personal battle I will win. If I cheat it is only me that it is hurting. Don't take this wrong, I am not selfish, OK maybe a little, but the only one in the world that will take care of me is me. NO ONE really cares if I eat that pineapple fried pie. BUT I DO! It will effect my heart and my diabetes.

So I have only been out to eat 3 times, since I have been home. 1) DIM SUM with my best friends, 2) Applebee's with my parents and 3) Grand House (chinese) with employees of US Searchking.

I ventured out to the movies yesterday "The Women". It wasn't until I left that I realized that there was not 1 man in the whole movie. Now I want to go and see it again, just to confirm that there wasn't not one single man in the movie. The theatre was packed and 99% of the audence were women as well.

Got my pictures put into a creative memories album. I so like to show my pictures that have been displayed in order and explanations of the pictures. I do not like to hand a bunch of pictures for people to look at your trip. There are always way to many extra and duplicate pictures and then they get mixed up and then I have to put them back in order. My daughter started selling creative memories and we have enjoyed it so SO much.

Today is the first day that I have cleaned up my home. I have had something everyday and now I have a day off. Picked up and cleaned the floor, I even moved the furniture. Cleaned the glass front doors. I got my knitting basket out, my hair dresser is having a baby and I need to knit some booties for her. She will find out Tuesday if it is a boy or girl. So I am going to wait to see if I am going to make pink or blue.

I watched the OU football game last night. Now when I talk watched, I have it on the TV and check the score. My son-in-law asked me if Bob could watch the game on SKYPE. So I tried last night. Bob was on skype and I let him watch some of it. So yes Chad, he could have watched the whole game.

I am going to get my iPhone on Wednesday. My contract will need to be renewed then. I am going straight over to my daughters to help me get it sit up. I really enjoy having her around. I love her new home, it is so beautiful. She has so much stuff to do, but it is all so much fun.

Going to go and get on the treadmill and then watch a movie. I will miss Bob alot today. I have to keep busy or I will REALLY miss him. If I get to sad, I just SKYPE him and hope that he is awake.

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'sten said...

sounds like you are keeping busy! i really like your posts.