Monday, September 29, 2008


It was a typical Monday. I got up late. I guess you have to sleep sometime when you get up at 1:30 am to talk to your husband on Skype.

The SearchKing India office is offically moved to Bopal and they were offline all weekend. So it made my weekend long too. Bob and I texted a couple of times, but it was really good to see his beautiful face and hear his voice. I am not sure what this LONG seperation would be like without SKYPE. Our technology has improved.

Can any of us remember when we had to write letters? Waiting by the mailbox for a letter any letter. Post office boxes. Knowing the postman's name. Giving him a box of homemade goodies at Christmas time. I DO!

Can any of us remember the phones that had 3 rings and it was your phone call? Then everybody would get online and listen. Party Lines. You had to stand in one spot in your house where the phone was. Some houses had built in little shelves for their phones. I DO!

I can also remember our first color TV. My dad just reminded me that the television company in our area, brought us the first TV, because we lived on a hill and could get good reception. EVERY Saturday when the fights were on, we had a house full of people watching our TV! We always had a house full of people watching our TV.

I really miss those days. Things were alot easier. Now time goes by so fast, I hardly have time to think about the old school days that you thought that would never be over. They have all gone and now I can't remember much about any of it.

Time to go and find something to eat. Eating by yourself can be a challenge as well.

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