Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday 8th

Got pictures back of BhoPal bungalow. You can now see the pictures on this Webpage

The address is:
217-218 Vibhusha Bunglows
Opp Homeopathy College
Ahmedabad – 380058
Gujarat, India
Phone we will have a little later.

I have been up all night the last two nights, trying to survive on 3 hours of sleep each night. I have not be at all sleepy. Went thru 2 months of mail the first night. Found surprises and some not so good surprises, but it's Monday and I have a list in my blackberry that is 2 miles long. Just going to take one day at a time.

Saturday I got to spend the whole day with my youngest grandson. His Mom and Dad went to OU football game. We re-bonded and laughed and played all day.

Sunday I went to Dim Sum with our best friends Nikki and Martin, we had lunch at my favorite chinese restaurant "Grand House". I had purchased Transitional prescription glasses for them. They loved their new glasses. We looked pretty cool when we stepped out into the sun and all of our glasses changed to sunglasses.

Then my daughter and youngest grandson went to Mom and Dad's and then to my oldest daughters. All 4 of her kids have grown. They say that you get shorter when you get old. It's just that all of the 'GRANDkids' are getting taller than me. It is awful when you have to look up to your grandchildren.

I have appointments all week. I do have one thing to ask and if anybody can tell me, I would appreciate it:
"When you are on the plane . . . Who has the arm rests? There are 3 seats and 4 arm rests. So is the person in the middle just out of luck? Why is it always me that ends up with NO arm rests and I have to cross my arms the whole trip?"

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