Thursday, September 11, 2008


I finally have a day that I don't have to do anything!

Saturday - I spent my first day home with my youngest grandson(Mom and dad went to the OU football game). Cade and I had a REALLY GOOD time. He liked to tickle me, then he would just laugh.

Sunday - went to see Mom and Dad, then the 4 more of my grandkids. We sang Karaoke and played catch.

Monday - was Don's office and pedicures.

Tuesday - HAIR - I always feel so much better when the hair is done, I also had my eyebrows waxed.

Wednesday - Heart Doctor appointment. Lost 15 pounds since I had seen him 6 months ago. NOW he wants another 15 pounds by the time I come back in 6 months. I have a pretty good team with my heart and diabetes.
My 3D's
1) Doctor - I have a really GOOD doctor.
2) Daughter - She helps me with my meds
3) Drugs - Between the two I have the best drugs available on the market.

Thursday - It's raining and a little cold. I am thinking curling up on the couch with the 3 movies I have rented.

Friday - My mom has a heart doctor appointment, so I am going to drive 90 miles to go with her.

Saturday & Sunday are free at the moment.

Monday - Back to Enid for my mom's knee doctor appointment.

I stay busy and Bob is thinking that I haven't been around much, at least not online at the same time.

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