Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Home!

Back in the USA! It is pretty nice to be back with your stuff.

Flight were all very good. Slept 3 hours on the first 8 hr flight. Slept 5 hours on the second 8 hour trip. What I got to NYC I arrived at JFK, took a cab to Laguardia airport, (my booking mistake). The first thing I did was get a GRANDE CAFE AMERICANO. Oh my gosh. I don't anything has tasted so good. I drank it hot and steamy and down to the last drop.

Then I shopped around to see what I really wanted to eat. So I settled for a Nathan's hotdog. Texted Kimi and she said I should have had the cab driver take me to get NY style cheesecake and NY Pizza. I was already in the airport, so I went on a hunt in the many restaurants in the airport. I picked out the largest cherry cheese cake on the shelf. It was also WONDERFUL! Then about an hour before my plane took off (I had 6 hours in the Laguardia airport) I went and got a Whooper from BurgerKing. It was everything that I remembered. The sesame seed bun, lettuce (real lettuce) onion, tomato, pickle, mustard and a VERY good meat patty.

Got home on time at 11:30 pm and my daughter was there to pick me up. She looked so beautiful. We both talked as fast as we could. Tell me that Cade had put himself in time-out. He will be 2 in October. They are going to the OU football game tomorrow, so I am going to babysit. What a great first day home.

Wish you all were here.

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