Thursday, December 11, 2008

Learned Something NEW

Today I learned how to tell what side of your car that the gas tank is on. You know when you pull up to the gas pump and you are not sure what side the gas cap is on to fill your car.

Look down at your dashboard. Do you see a little symbol that looks like a gas pump? If you look and see what side the gas nozzle is on, that is the side of the car that you will need to have next to the pump.

Isn't that clever!

==== Another Road Tip ====
On our trip to Memphis, Scott (a former truck driver) told us if you look at the top of the exit road signs, there is always an exit number on the top of each sign. If you will notice that the number will be on the top right side of the sign if it is a "RIGHT EXIT" and the number will be on the top left side of the sign if it is a "LEFT EXIT". Now isn't that something else that can come in really handy!

Enough education for one day!

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