Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday PM

Got dad home. He is not sure he was ready, he felt pretty weak, but he was really glad to be home. He was lost from the time that I picked him up from the hospital till I reached the entrance to their condo. I went to pick up their prescriptions while they had some alone time. I also went to grocery store. I probably bought more groceries than they would have bought in a month. But I got a really good Black Angus steak. Got some fresh green beans and fixed a salad. It was just might taste.

I put up the Christmas tree after dinner and then Chuck brought them a new scale. Dad is supposed to watch his weight. If it goes up mora than 3 pounds in one day he is supposed to call the doctor. Heart failure. Kidneys are working overtime getting rid of the extra fluid.

Christmas carols are playing on the CD player. Bob texted and said that he had made it to Ahmedabad. Slept most of the way. He had no toilet paper, no paper towels, no Dr. Pepper NOTHING. I will talk with him when he gets up tomorrow. Wish that I was with him, but I feel pretty needed right here at this time.

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