Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday AM

Dad is doing great. He just got out of the shower and is again asleep in bed. His organs are just wearing out. He just can't give up. Mom is crying because she is worried about dad and afraid that he will give up. Mom is also getting so frail. She just doesn't know what she is going to do with all this stuff. I keep telling her the stuff doesn't matter. She is so close to giving up. It makes you realize how awful it is to get old. Not healthy enough to get out and enjoy life. Mom's knee's keep her from walking. Dad's legs and feets hurt, he has to keep them up. So they just sit at home and wait for company. Which doesn't come very often. They are always so very glad to see you when you finally show up.

Yesterday the doctors came in and mom and dad just can't hear or understand what is going on with dad. His fluid is building up around his heart, his kidney functions are down, has spots on his liver. He wasn't taking his lasix. Now his levels went up that showed he had heart failure. Is it due to the fluid from not taking his lasix or is it he had heart failure and the fuild started building up faster. You can't drain the fluid off too fast, because the body will react and speed up the fluid. So he will be in the hospital until Monday. He's not liking that much.

I am glad that I am spending this time with them. They have been such good parents and gave me a very good life. I want to be here for them like they were here for me as I was growing up. It's tough turning around and becoming the parent to your parents.

India will just have to wait for me another month.

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