Thursday, December 25, 2008


It has been a GOOD Christmas! A little lonely when I stop and think about not being with Bob for the holiday. Him being on the nbeach. NOT SURE WHAT THAT MEANS! But he is in Dui on the Arabian Ocean. He says he feels like Indiana Jones. He will be back online really soon.

I fixed and had lunch with my parents. It was a very simple meal of Turkey and some of the fixin's. But it tasted good and dad said it was good that we were together.

I went by my daughters and saw all the Christmas presents that Santa brought them for Christmas. Also got to see her new puppy. Check out this 1 1/2 pound little darling Bella

Then I went by my middle daughters and we had a new traditional Christmas Lasagna dinner. I got to check out Cade's presents from Santa Claus.

I have to say that Santa was good to my grandbabies again this year.


Bengi said...

I love the background! Thank you so much for stopping by! We were so blessed to spend the Christmas Eve Service and See you on Christmas day. Next year I'm going for lasagna whether I'm invited or not! Love you!

chadandkimi said...

Bengi...your invitation is "in the mail"...seriously, though, check my Christmas email to you...I mentioned anyone was welcome at our house on Christmas Day for Chad's new tradition "Christmas lasagne"! That still makes me LOL.

You know you are always invited & welcome in our home!!