Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Memphis Weekend

We took off Friday for Memphis. We picked up the RV loaded it up and met Scott and Ginny is Fort Smith AR. We then fixed a sandwich in the RV on the road. Then we arrived in Tunica MS at 10pm. Got the trailor parked in the Sam's Town RV lot and we headed to the casino. It was a big WINNER night. I came out with $50 ahead and Ginny had a few toooo many drinks and went back to the trailor, so she only lost $20, but Scott made up for her loss. Bob didn't do so good, but nothing that would break our bank for the weekend.

Next morning we went to Paula Deans Buffet at Harrah's. It was fabulous! Then off to Memphis to get the HAT that the trip was for. We found the Mississippi River RV park for the RV. It was 1.2 miles from BEALE street. Not really much of a RV park, but the lady that ran the park was well worth the parking spot. She drove us down to the HAT store. Bob bought 2 hats, because he left his old hat there to be cleaned and they are going to ship it to us. Then the RV hostess drove us to the car rental place to rent a car.

We made it to the Peabody Hotel, just in time to see the DUCKs walk up to the elevator and up to the roof. Andrew (7) really enjoyed that. We then went to Jillian's restaurant for dinner and the football game. Preston got a good deal on a couple of Abercrombie & Fitch shirts. We are not sure just how they were purchased before they were offered to Preston, but it was a really good deal.

At half time of the OU game, Scott and Bob moved to a bar on Beale street. Ginny and I walked up and down Beale street with the boys. Then we met up with Bob and Scott again.

Sunday we went to Ihop and had breakfast. We took Scott, Ginny, Preston and Andrew to Graceland. Bob and I went to Walmart and bought stuff to prepare breakfast Monday morning, then drove around trying to find Corky's Barbeque. After we picked them up at Graceland we went back to Beale street and then to Corky's for the best BBQ I have ever eaten. Then the banana pudding was SOOOO good. We went back to the trailor and decided to stay in and watch movies. We had been out having so much fun we were all ready for a night of quiet.

Monday morning we fixed: Bacon, sausage, pancakes and eggs for breakfast, then we went to purchase a gift for the RV hostess for driving us around. We then went back to Beale street to go into J Swabs. The best store in Memphis.

We pulled out of the trailor park about 1 pm and took the rental car back and got on the road for home. The boys slept most of the way. We dropped them off in Fort Smith at their car and we got coffee and headed home.

Arriving about 12:30am we unpacked the trailor and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and I did not want to get up this morning.

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