Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Ice isn't over in Enid! As I was driving North to my parents I crossed Highway 51 at Hennessey. It was like driving into the picture below. Everything was covered with snow and ice. The road was clear and dry, but all of the trees look like the trees in my daughters yard. It stayed that way all day. It never got above freezing. The sun never came out.

We took Dad to his doctor appointment. He is doing great. They have an new Golden Chick in town, so we picked up some chicken strips for dinner. After we ate I asked dad if I could borrow his car to go to Garber for the grandkids Christmas program. He said "Sure, but you have to take your mom!". What is borrowing your parents car, if you have to take your mom! LOL

So mom and I started out in freezing temperature and a 30 minute car ride to the small town of Garber. The kids were all dressed up and looked great! They are growing up so fast. Jessica is looking like a model. Jake is getting so tall and handsome. Josh is going to be a ladies man. He will have a string of girls after him. AND then there is Jenni, she is so precious, she is so funny and so very smart. Watch out for that one!

The program was really cute, then we made it home just fine1

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