Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Food in India

We are finding more and more American food in Ahmedabad. Miracle Whip was a big one. We brought our own with us when we got here. But we were at Icy Pick, a very small shop that has meat. BACON, PORK CHOPS. Still NO beef. But they are getting new American foods all the time. Yesterday I bought bread and butter pickles. They have taco fixin's. Shells, refried beans, bean dip, seasoning packs and picanta sauce. Doritos. A-1 sauce, now why would you have A-1 sauce if you don't have steaks to put it on. They have PeterPan peanut butter, pringle potatoe chips. Anyway the list is growing. OREO, don't forget the oreo's. They have those now. American flour still has to be shipped in.

We don't have an oven, so there wont be any baking. We also realized that alot of Indians don't eat eggs, so there are alot of eggless stuff on the shelves. Some cakes just tasted funny, we have decided that those are the ones without the eggs.

We enjoy the Indian food, alot. One thing that you don't want to do is go into any of the Indian restaurants and order something that is supposed to be American. IT WILL NOT LOOK OR TASTE LIKE IT!


Bengi said...

So is the picture at the right your bungalow. I couldn't tell. Sounds like things are really getting more like home for you. I hope you come back. If I had someone who did the cleaning etc... I'm not sure I would.

Love you!

Anjali said...


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